For those in the northern third of the US a gas powered furnace is s staple and a necessity!  Sure there are some who go the route of electric heat, but given the drawbacks (expensive utility costs,problems with furniture and other items getting too close to the baseboard heat, etc) few people go this route.  The gas furnace is king and no one wants to be without their furnace should the temperature get below 0 degrees Fahrenheit!  To be sure a quality furnace is paramount to continued worry free heat in your home, but navigating the waters to get legitimate reviews from an unbiased source can be hard.  We attempt to be that one stop shop source for your gas furnace reviews and have tried to get a good cross section of what is available in the HVAC world from pretty much all of the manufacturers and brands.  Please see our list of latest gas furnace reviews below and check out a detailed review of each model and how it will affect your heating needs:

When it comes time to look for a new gas furnace there are some things to keep in mind.  In addition to the standard things for all HVAC systems (i.e. sizing your unit correctly, making sure your gas furnace matches the airflow needs of the remainder of your peripheral HVAC systems) there are some things to consider when reviewing what kind of gas furnace to purchase.  In addition understanding the efficiency rating and how it impacts cost of the furnace is important as it is with other HVAC equipment like heat pumps, gas packs and central air conditioners.  It is important to note that gas furnaces are measured in AFUE, not SEER as AC systems and heat pumps are measured.

Specific to gas furnaces the following things are generally what drive price:

Size of the gas furnace – pretty simple here, the larger the unit, the higher the price.  And the reasons are pretty simple as well, the larger the unit, the more raw materials that go into it and the more it will cost the manufacturer (and through their profits, the consumer)

AFUE rating – the higher the AFUE the more the unit will cost.  The trade off of course is that the higher the AFUE the lower your utility costs will be.

gas-furnace-reviewsName Brand recognition – simply put some brands demand higher prices.  Carrier and Trane have worked for decades on developing a quality brand and reputation, and the market bears a higher cost for those units as compared to the lower thought of brands such as Goodman and Payne.

If you are unfamiliar with how a gas furnace works I would suggest you check out this post on our site: how does a gas furnace work? It includes a youtube video that goes through the entire process and details how furnaces go about heating your home.  This process will help you understand how different models and AFUE's will work in your home before you put it there.

Our hope is that our gas furnace reviews give you a one stop shop to find out how a given gas furnace compares to another.  We have tried to show a large cross section of models by all of the major and many of the minor brands on the market.  If you find that you have a model that you would like us to review, please drop us a line and we will put it in the hopper to get on the site!  Feel free to check out other sites in the interim. is a great resource with quite a few ratings and models to choose from.

We hope that our heat pump reviews we have included on the site meet your expectations to what you can find out in the market and how to measure it versus its competitor units. If there is a model you would like us to review please don't hesitate to contact us!


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