When it comes time to go out and purchase that new HVAC system you need to be completely informed on what you are getting yourself into.  With that in mind, we have tried to assemble a reasonably exhaustive list of reviews on specific HVAC systems, from the high end Carrier Infinity gas furnaces to the bargain price Payne central air conditioners.  Our reviews are impartial and attempt to answer the questions you have when you are looking for your new HVAC system.  Inclusive in our reviews are some general pricing information, how to go about getting the best price as well as the key features and what differentiates specific models from others.  As always, feel free to comment on our reviews and add to the conversation if you have a similar or differing opinion.  We welcome all comments!

Here is a list of our most recent HVAC reviews:

In addition, we have broken down the reviews by type of HVAC system in place.  Please see the following pages for a listing of reviews specific to whatever type of HVAC equipment you are in the market for:

Heat Pump Reviews

Central Air Conditioner Reviews

Gas Package Unit Reviews

Gas Furnace Reviews

Oil Furnace Reviews


If you have a specific brand or model that you would like us to cover in detail please don't hesitate to contact us and we would love to add it to the site for you.  We have taken the time to review heat pumps, central air conditioner systems, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and gas package units from the following brands (with links to their sites):










With all this being said, we are by no means the only place to get HVAC reviews online.  We like to think that ours are the best, but feel free to check out these other sites with top notch reviews on them as well:

Furnace Compare

Finally, make sure that you are willing to get at least 3 HVAC estimates before deciding on a final purchase.  And be wary of sketchy installers.  The dirty little secret in the HVAC world is that the installation makes all the difference in the world.  If you get subpar installation you are going to get inferior results.  Just be sure to be cognizant that while you may be getting the lowest price install, it may end up costing you in the long run.




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