At Webhvac we strive to be a resource for home owners everywhere to get all their HVAC information in one place so they can make informed decisions on what system they want installed in their house.  Information is power and no where does that seem to be outside of a homeowners comfort zone more often than with their air conditioner, heat pump and/or furnace.  At WebHVAC you will find ratings on the models from every major brand on the market.  These are done in a professional, independent way that will help you get the information you need when it comes time to pick out that new HVAC equipment for your home.  For our latest HVAC ratings please see the following list:

When we are doing our ratings, we break each unit down by the most important crieria on a 5 star scale:

1. Operating costs of the unit – how does this unit stack up compared to the other units offered on the market today.  This will normally be measured by SEER (heat pumps and air conditioners) and AFUE (furnaces).

2. Features – how do the features included on the unit stack up against the other units on the market.  Bare bones models will receive 1 star, while a top of the line system like the Carrier Infinity with all the bells and whistles would receive a 5 star rating.

3. Reliability rating – through our research and history in the industry we attempt to project how this unit will fare in terms of reliability and longevity.

4. Manufacturer's warranty – we look at how a warranty stacks up against the industry as a whole.  Much like cars have separate warranties based on the unit and make, so do HVAC systems.

5. Overall rating – which is an average of the above 4 key ratings and gives a sense of how the unit stacks up overall.

In addition we break these down into the specific types of units for the ratings, so please visit our pages on:

Heat Pump Ratings

Gas Furnace Ratings

Central Air Conditioner Ratings

Gas Pack Ratings

Oil Furnace Ratings


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