Oil furnace price lists are a quick way to narrow your choices as you consider the right model for your home. Complete pricing is offered for each model and the lists include the furnace’s efficiency rating as well as the performance features. While all oil furnaces have single-stage burners, a variable-speed fan will improve climate control when heating or working with an included central air conditioner. So, the lists provide you with that information.

Our current oil furnace gas lists cover American Standard, Carrier, Rheem and Trane oil furnaces. Complete pricing is provided for every model in the collection.  For a specific brand please see our below listings:

Compare Oil Furnace Models and Brands

When you look at the price list for any brand, you can easily see how the top-tier lines compare with the more affordable lines. For example, is the Carrier Performance OVL lowboy oil furnace worth the extra cost compared with the Carrier Comfort OBL lowboy?  It’s easy to check when browsing a price list from any one of these brands.

In addition, the oil furnace price lists make it easy to compare one brand with another. Evaluate Carrier’s top oil furnaces against American Standard Platinum oil furnaces or Rheem’s best. Or, if you’re looking for the most affordable oil furnace, you can use these lists to find the one that fits your budget.

Compare Oil Furnaces with Gas Furnaces or Heat Pumps

If you’ve got the option of gas or oil, you might want to see how Carrier oil furnaces compare with Carrier gas furnaces in terms of efficiency, performance and price. A heat pump split system might be another option. Browse a wide range of gas furnace price lists and heat pump price lists from all the leading brands including Amana, American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Heil, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Trane and more. All of the HVAC price lists on this site include pricing and model information for you to evaluate. From there, you can see individual HVAC reviews for models you want to learn more about.

Choosing the Right Oil Furnace for your Purposes

The oil furnace price lists will help you narrow your search for your next oil furnace. See oil furnace reviews for many of the top oil furnaces on the market too. It’s never been easier to research brands and models than it is with our prices lists and product reviews on WebHVAC.com.


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