Condenser Fan Motor

The Condenser Fan Motor is a part of the outdoor condensing unit, and they are a common part that fails on the air conditioner. If you step outside and see that big fan that sits directly on top or on the side of the condensing unit, the fan motor is what makes it spin! ­čÖé The fans run whenever the AC┬ácompressor runs and draws cool air through the small fins surrounding the copper tubing in the condensing unit. The air is then circulated drawn over the compressor and then back out the front grille. This circulations helps to dissipate the heat from the freon, cool the compressor and the refrigerant within the condenser coils.

Condenser fan motors can be easily replaced by the handy consumer who has common hand tools. Like any other project, make sure to do your research before buying a replacement since there are different sizes. In most cases, once you buy a condenser fan motor and put it into your ac unit, you cannot replace it.

Condenser Fan Motor Prices

With the wonder of the web, you have already seen that a condenser fan motor is going to cost anywhere from $35 for a small or used motor, to upwards of $150, for a rare or multi speed motor.


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