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Condensate Pumps are electrically powered pumps used to remove the natural condensation from your home HVAC system when the air conditioning is in use, and a gravity drain could not be used.  Condensation pumps have a small tank in which the condensed water accumulates and once it gets full enough, it raises a float switch that turns the power on and energizes the pump. The pump runs until the liquid level in the tank is lowered.

Some condensate pumps contain 2 stage switches. This allows the liquid to rise to a trigger point in the 1st stage until the pump is activated. As the liquid continues to rise, the 2nd stage will be triggered. If the 2nd stage is triggered, this could possibly mean the discharge is blocked or the pump has failed.

The easiest way to understand how a condensate pump works is by envisioning the big tank on the back of a toilet, but slightly opposite! When the toilet is out of water, the big bulb goes to the bottom and opens a water valve letting water into the tank. When its full, the valve automatically closes and shuts down the water. In your condensate pump its actually opposite and they are designed to be empty! When water wills up the small reservoir, the bulb inside your condensate pump rises until it triggers a small electric motor to kick on, thus pumping the water back out. As the water is pumped out, the bulb moves down again and when it hits bottom, the pump is shut off until it fills again.

This same process may repeat itself HUNDREDS of times a day when your air conditioning system is running on a hot day. Learn about clogged AC drains and how to keep the ac drain lines clean! Or shop for a cheap condensate pump below.

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