AC Condensate Pan Cleaner

Eventually, your condensate drain line for your cooling system is going to get dirty and become plugged. In fact, a plugged AC drain line can turn into a very expensive repair if you don't clean the AC drain line regularly!

If you do take advantage of a local company who maintains your heating and cooling system for you in the spring and fall seasons, this is something they will do for you. If not, you should keep the condensate line clean and add antibacterial and anti-sludge buildup tabs to your condensate pan yourself.

How to Use Condensate Pan Cleaner

The obvious question that comes after you realize you need to use condensate pan cleaner, is how to use it! Surprisingly, using a condensate pan cleaner is as simple as it looks!

The packets or tablets are designed to release slowly over time, and generally last up to six months per treatment.

  • Clean the pan first of all debris or scum that may have accumulated
  • Clean the drain line to be sure you have a clean starting point
  • Set the tablet or packet into the pan.
  • Come back in six months and do it all again! 🙂

And that's how you use a condensate pan cleaner!


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