Blower Wheel | Squirrel Cage Blower Wheel

Blower wheels, often called squirrel cage blowers, are a major part inside your air handler or furnace that circulates the air through your HVAC duct system in your home.  The most common blower wheels found in home hvac systems are direct drive, where the blower fan motor connects directly to the wheel by a small shaft.

Blower systems in Home HVAC Consists of 3 parts:

  • Blower Motors – This is the motor which powers the blower wheel
  • Blower Wheels – The fan that rotates and is sometimes referred to as the “squirrel cage”
  • Blower Housing – The frame which surrounds the blower motor and wheels

Blower wheels are usually not difficult for most consumers to replace, and if you have your blower motor out, its definitely worth a full inspection of the blower wheel itself. In many cases, the motor and the wheel will be fused together and its just as easy to replace both at the same time, but with a little extra elbow grease, you can separate the two and replace the motor alone.


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