Oil Furnace | Oil Heat Furnace

In many parts of the country, oil-fired burners are the basic source for hot water heating systems and warm air.  Pressure burners are the home oil systems that are most in use today in the United States.

An oil furnace is a very complex piece of equipment, and assemblage and repairs are tasks that are best left to professionals.  But there are things you can do to keep your furnace in good working condition.  Check the smoke from the chimney during the heating season.  If you see that the smoke is black, fuel is possibly being wasted because the furnace may not be burning the oil completely.  You’ll need to call a professional service to make these adjustments.  At the beginning of the heating season, it’s a good idea to clean the blower and then again midway into the season.  Soot from the stack control also requires cleaning midway through heating season.  Always clean the thermostat before the heating season begins.

Oil Furnace Filters and Maintenance

It’s very important to clean or change the oil filter at the start of heating season and again midway through.  When you clean or replace the filter, first close the oil shutoff valve between the fuel tank and the filter.  Remove the filter.  If it’s disposable, replace it with a new filter that is the same type and size.  Clean a permanent filter according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Some oil furnaces have a pump strainer, so you should clean the strainer when you clean the filter.  Some oil furnaces have two master switches, and these should be turned to the “on” position.

The stack control is a safety device on an oil furnace that monitors the oil burner’s operation.  The stack control shuts off the motor if the burner fails to ignite.  But many times a malfunctioning stack control can cause a furnace shutdown rather than the burner.  Check the fuel tank and refill it if necessary if the burner does not ignite.  Press the reset button on the stack control.  Once you’ve pressed the button and the burner doesn’t ignite, clean the control and press the reset button again.  If the burner is still not operating, it’s time to call in a professional.  Never try to adjust the burner of an oil furnace yourself.


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