Hybrid Heating Systems | Hybrid HVAC

Hybrid Heating HVAC Systems are quickly becoming the choice for homeowners everywhere in the upper half of the US. The main reason for this choice, is that it gives you the flexibility to choose the lowest cost utility for your heat source during the colder months. Choosing a Hybrid Heat System will make no difference on your cooling costs in the summer months, but can save considerably during the winter if your natural gas and electric costs fluctuate.

Hybrid Heat HVAC Split Systems Explained

Typical split systems include an indoor gas furnace, matched to an outdoor central ac condensing unit. With a Hybrid System, you replace the outdoor AC unit, with a heat pump condensing unit. Heat Pumps are 100% electric and work very efficiently down to approximately 32 degrees. By setting your thermostat to a set point of 32 degrees, when the outside temperature drops below 32, the Hybrid System will automatically shut off the heat pump and switch over to the gas furnace to heat the home.

The ability to control the source of heat gives you the power to control your utility costs! Assume the cost of electricity skyrockets in your area… you can use the heat pump unit for cooling ONLY in the summer months, and set your thermostat to use gas heat the minute it drops below 68 degrees!

Initial Cost of Hybrid Units

Since Hybrid heating technology is still considered new to market, you can expect to pay a premium of 2 times the cost in some cases! The actual cost of the equipment is only 20-30% higher than that of a typical split system, but HVAC Contractors do have some added cost in running the extra thermostat wires needed for the heat pump, as well as an upgraded thermostat to help you control your comfort. The majority of the added cost however, is because it's new technology and the price can be inflated for that reason alone! If you are truly in going with Hybrid Heat in your home, make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Regardless of the initial cost of a Hybrid Heating system, if you live in a northern region that uses heat for more than 6 months of the year, it will repay you the cost in short order! If however you live in an area that rarely uses heat, you will never regain the initial cost of the unit.


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