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Gas Package Units, or Gas Packs as they are commonly called, are “all in one” type units that combine the gas heat furnace and electric air conditioner, into a singleĀ  compact unit that resides 100% outside the home, or in some instances, on rooftops! Aside from your thermostat, the ductwork in the central HVAC system is the only other portion of the system installed inside the home. The package unit mounts directly into a section of the duct on the outside wall wall or what is called a roof curb, designed to accept it. Of all the different types of central HVAC systems, the package type (Gas package and Heat Pump Package) are by far, the easiest to install or replace.

Types of Gas Package Units

When it comes time to get a new gas pack, you do have some options to consider! Just like gas furnaces and air conditioners, you have several choices in efficiency and sizing that must be considered. Unlike a split system, if you decide you want to upgrade the cooling or heating efficiency in a few years, you do not have the benefit of changing out only one part of the system. With a package unit, everything must be replaced at the same time, therefore, you should opt for the highest efficiency you can afford any time is is replaced!

Considerations when Choosing a Gas Pack

Aside from your heating and cooling efficiency levels, there are a few other considerations when choosing a replacement or new gas package unit. Gas Packs use Natural Gas for the heat source, but can be converted to accept liquid propane (LP Gas) just like most gas furnaces. If you do not have gas in your area and need an LP kit, check to be sure they are available. Some units require a simple valve modification kit, others require a new gas valve completely.

There are also installation options with package units. If you plan or need to mount your unit on a roof or platform, you may need to get a system that is whats referred to as convertible. This means the air duct connections are not only on the side, but also on the bottom of the unit to allow for roof mounting onto a roof curb. The curb and the unit MUST match and if you need a convertible unit, it is best to buy the curb kit at the same time you get the package unit.


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