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Gas Logs, often called Gas Fireplace Logs, have become very popular over the past 8-12 years as not only a backup method of heating an area of your home, but also to take the place of dirtier, wood fireplaces. Although there are many sizes of gas logs available, measured in BTU output, the first choice in deciding on a set of fireplace logs for your home is whether you want to install vented or unvented gas logs.

Vented Gas Logs

Known primarily as the most realistic appearing type of gas logs, the burned gasses from Vented Gas Logs MUST be routed through a chimney or flue system to the outside of your home. Vented gas logs are not very efficient and the only heat that you will feel inside the room is the thermal heat generated by the flames.

A good way to envision vented gas log efficiency, would be to consider every dollar spent on natural or LP gas, only returns approximately .20-.25 cents of heat back into your home. While they are still very popular, the most common choice in fireplace logs, are unvented logs.

Unvented Gas Logs

The opposite of vented logs are Unvented Gas Logs. Unvented logs are not quite as real in their appearance of a real fire but this type of fireplace log does not require a chimney or flue system, and 90-100% of the heat generated returns back into the home. These are most efficient type of gas fireplace you could have, since every dollar spent for natural or LP gas, returns almost the same amount of heat into the home!


Realistic Appearance of Gas Logs

If you are buying a set of logs for the warmth and ambiance they shed onto a room, your best choice is likely going to be in unvented logs. Since the gasses the logs generate when they burn are vented out the chimney, the manufacturers have much more leeway in the type of materials used to generate the realistic look of the fire burning in the fireplace.

On the other hand, if you are buying logs for the heating value they can provide in your home, unvented gas logs are the better choice. While not as realistic as vented types, they do still look good and provide a very efficient source of backup heat if there is a loss of power in your home that shuts down your heating system.


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