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Central Air Conditioner, also called AC Condensing Units or condensers, are just one part of a split system cooling system. That big box that sits outside your home with a fan on top… that is your Central AC Condensing unit! The outdoor AC Condensing unit connects to an Evaporator Coil, mounted inside an air handler or gas furnace, via a set of refrigerant tubes commonly referred to as a copper lineset.

The primary purpose of a central air conditioner is to transfer the heat from one area to another. Refrigerant, commonly called Freon and most widely recognized as R22 or R410A (in residential systems), is the method used to transfer that heat out of your home.

Most people think that the air from their vents is outside air, which was run through the condenser and them pumped into the home. Actually,  Central Air conditioners cool the air in your home by removing the heat from the indoor air by passing it across the evaporator coil, transferring that heat into the refrigerant and circulating the warm refrigerant to the outdoor condenser, which disperses it. The circulation cycle continues until the temperature you set on your thermostat is reached.

Along with keeping your home cool, your central air conditioner also acts as a very effective dehumidifier. As the warm air is passed over the evaporator coil, it no longer retains the level of moisture as it can at its higher temperatures. The condensate that is released from the air stays on the outside fins of the evaporator coil, runs down into a built in drain pan and gets carried away through a condensate draining system.

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