frigidaireFrigidaire’s history began as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1916 and was the first HVAC company to produce electric household refrigerators. Guardian Frigerator Company was purchased by General Motors in 1918 and received the Frigidaire Division name after it was made a subsidiary of Delco-Light in 1921. Ten years later, Frigidaire began distributing some of the first room air conditioner and food freezers. In 1979, White Consolidated Industries purchased Frigidaire and AB Electrolux Purchased White Consolidated Industries in 1986. The Frigidaire Company is famous for making the first room air conditioner and has it’s main headquarters in Georgia.

Frigidaire produces residential and commercial room air conditioners and use the latest technology available to meet high performance standards for businesses and homes. Many consumers prefer room air conditioners over central air conditioning because compact room air conditioners only cool the rooms that you are using rather than the entire home of office. You can also set the temperature at different variables per the preference of the air conditioner user. Frigidaire air conditioners are considered among the top of the line brands on the market today.

Frigidaire has a large line of air conditioning units with many prominent features such as an electronic control system which can be utilized by remote control. There are also various modes of cooling that aids in saving energy with a 24 hour timer and a sleep utility. All of Frigidaire’s air conditioning units contain a filter check system and a device that detects leakage or an interruption of power. This device is called the “Leakage Current Detection and Interruption” device. These units also have an additional safety feature to prevent accidental shock. Another positive feature is the air filtration system that uses electrostatic elements and negative ion generators which offer assistance to individuals with allergies or respiratory disease.


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