comfortmakerThe Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products Corporation (ICP) which was founded in 1900 in St. Louis and bought by United Technologies Corporation in 1999. This HVAC company designs and produces furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, gas/electric systems in the residential and commercial market.

Comfortmaker Softsound furnaces have a two-stage system that operates at low heat and moves to higher heat if the temperature drops. It also has a high efficiency fan that improves indoor air quality with a variable speed motor that maximizes the removal of moisture during cooling. This system uses the Direct Hot Surface Ignition System with a silicon nitride igniter for reliable starts. The heat exchanger is made of corrosion-resistant weld-free stainless steel. It also has a ripple-edged design which forces more heat to the outside surface area for a more efficient unit.

The air conditioner system also operates on a two-stage compressor and runs quieter at a lower stage, only changing to a higher stage as the outdoor temperature increases. The compressor and coils work together to save on energy. It includes a deluxe sound blanket to reduce sound levels and air discharge design matching the indoor fan for quiet indoor operation. These units are encased in painted steel cabinets with a coated inlet grille in a narrow spacing which offers proper airflow and easy cleaning. These units also included the Comfort Alert II system which can also alert owners of service call possibilities.

The Comfortmaker products are described as quiet and efficient using variable-speed circulation blower motors that are pre-lubricated, balanced and flexibly mounted to reduce vibration and noise. These systems have innovative control monitor systems that show advanced diagnostics and Comfortmaker products have a long-term warranty on key components and parts. Comfortmaker systems have also earned the Energy Star efficiency rating from the United States Federal Government.


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