HVAC Installation Cost Estimates for 2015

We gather data from many sources including installers to determine HVAC installation costs for 2015. These 2015 HVAC prices will help you budget and plan for the work. Keep in mind that we’re only covering installation costs, not the cost of the equipment. For HVAC equipment costs, see our HVAC reviews of heat pumps, central […]

HVAC Installation Cost Estimates for 2013

  This overview of HVAC installation costs will help you anticipate costs when getting price estimates for new equipment. HVAC installation costs can be as expensive as the equipment itself, in some cases! This can be a surprise to many homeowners who view estimates from contractors broken down into the cost of equipment and the […]

Payne Gas Furnace Price List

  Here are the complete prices for all Payne furnaces. Basic features are included so that you can evaluate the furnace. See our Payne gas furnace reviews in the HVAC reviews library for complete details. All 3 models are 80% models with single-stage performance. Payne is a low-cost brand owned by Carrier. Payne furnaces are […]

Luxaire Gas Furnace Price List

  This list contains complete prices and features for every model and size of Luxaire Acclimate, Luxaire LX and Luxaire Climasure gas furnaces. You’ll find price lists here for many of the top furnace brands, so use them to compare brands, models and prices. Luxaire Acclimate Gas Furnaces Luxaire has added 2 modulating furnaces to […]

Goodman Gas Furnace Price List

  Here are current prices for Goodman gas furnace models. We include features and efficiency levels of each one. Compare this Goodman gas furnace price list with lists for American Standard, Armstrong, Ducane, Luxaire, Payne and several other leading brands. Goodman offers one of the best combinations of low prices, quality and excellent warranties in […]

York Heat Pump Price List

  Here are complete current prices for all York heat pumps as well as details about efficiency and performance. For complete details about features and more, see our York heat pump reviews in our HVAC reviews library. York Affinity Series YZH Heat Pump Prices The Affinity Series is the top of the line from York. […]

Rheem Heat Pump Price List

This article has pricing for all Rheem heat pump models. Rheem makes a complete lineup of heat pumps including high-efficiency, high-performance models and those that are less efficient, single stage and more affordable. When shopping for the right heat pump, consider the demands of your climate to determine the right efficiency, and take into account […]

Payne Heat Pumps Price List

  Payne makes 3 affordable heat pump models including a 2-stage model and 2 Energy Star heat pumps. They are a Carrier brand and sell best to consumers who value low cost as the primary factor in their decision. While the best heat pumps can be expected to last up to 20 years with proper […]

Maytag Heat Pumps Price List

  Maytag makes some of the most efficient heat pumps available and backs them with some of the best warranties in the industry. There are 2 series of heat pumps, the more expensive 1200 Series with striking stainless steel cabinets and the more affordable 120 Series. They both have their strong points. Here’s an overview […]

Lennox Heat Pumps Price List

  Lennox makes a wide selection of heat pumps that vary by efficiency, performance, quality and price. They’ve got the market covered quite well. Its top performers in the Dave Lennox Signature Series are some of the best on the market. The Elite Series models are above-average and the Merit Series models are very affordable. […]

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