WebHVAC August 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Here is the top HVAC news you can use this August including a fall forecast, green HVAC and building products, how to save money and energy with demand response and getting your HVAC system and the rest of your home ready for cold weather. Top HVAC Stories August 2017 Fall Warmer & Wetter than Normal […]

HVAC Rebate Programs for Arizona Homeowners

There are more than 40 Arizona utility company HVAC rebate programs currently offering generous rebates for the installation of energy-efficient heat pumps, air conditioners and other equipment. Some rebates include insulation too. The good news is that you’ll get money back when you update your home, and then you’ll spend less every month on your […]

WebHVAC June 2014 Monthly Top Ten HVAC Stories

Here’s a look at the most intriguing HVAC-related stories in the news this month. Click on the links for more details about the stories that interest you the  most. And take a few minutes to browse our recent articles on other important heating and air conditioning topics. 1. How to Cut Summer Cooling Costs The […]

WebHVAC December 2013 Monthly Top Ten HVAC Stories

Here’s this month’s HVAC news that impacts you. You’ll find lots of tips that will help you save money and stay comfortable this winter too. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, check out our up-to-date HVAC reviews on oil and gas furnaces and heat pumps from today’s top manufacturers. If you […]

Carrier Infinity 16 Model 24ANB6 Air Conditioner Review

  This 16.5, Energy Star AC with a single-stage compressor is an ideal choice where high efficiency at the lowest cost is desired. This unit offers outstanding quality and efficiency that should reduce energy costs by 30 to 45 percent when it replaces an older AC. This is an 18-22 year air conditioner when it […]

WebHVAC April 2013 Monthly Top 10

  This has been a busy month in the heating and air conditioning industry. Here’s a look at energy and HVAC news that affects you. 1. Cold Spring Weather May Raise Fuel Prices Temporarily In January, Accuweather predicted a colder-than-average end to winter and beginning of spring. Forecasters were right about the weather. Molly Cochran, […]

How to Control Room Temperature

In the winter time and the summer time controlling temperature with your house can be a huge challenge. In the winter time it is very challenging to get the heat to be even on all levels of the house. In particular in two story houses the upstairs can get very warm and the basement levels […]

Ducane Gas Furnace Price List

  Here are all the prices for every model in the very respectable Ducane gas furnace collection. We include the key features of each model too. See Ducane gas furnace reviews in our HVAC reviews library for more details. Ducane 95G2V Variable Speed Gas Furnace Price This is a 2-stage, 95% efficient furnace that is […]

Armstrong Gas Furnace Price List

  Here are the current prices for every Armstrong gas furnace. Armstrong is an underrated brand that makes a wide range of quality furnaces. Choose highly-efficient performance models, cost-effective 80% furnaces and a lot in between. Here’s an overview of each furnace along with prices. Armstrong Modulating Gas Furnaces The top Armstrong gas furnaces are […]

Ducane Air Conditioners Price List

This Ducane price list gives complete costs for all 4 models along with features and efficiency levels. Our goal is to make it easy for you to compare brands and models as you search for the best AC for your needs. Ducane covers the bases well with their 4 models. The most efficient is 18 […]

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