Best Gas Furnaces Under $2,000 for 2016

In terms of equipment cost, gas furnaces give you an efficiency bang for your buck that heat pumps don’t offer. An efficient heat pump will heat for less, and the extra cost of the equipment can be recouped in a few years to a decade, depending on how cold your climate is. But for low-cost, […]

Most Energy Efficient Gas Furnaces 2016

If you’re looking for a furnace that will cut your energy costs significantly while reducing heat loss to near zero, you’ve got options from all the leading HVAC manufacturers. There are 11 on our list, all with 97% efficiency or higher. You’ll find detailed reviews of many of these furnaces in our HVAC reviews. Use […]

Gas Furnace Buyers Guide 2016

Are you buying a gas furnace in 2016? This furnace buying guide is designed to help you decide on a furnace that will give you what you want in terms of: Efficiency: Furnaces are available from 80% AFUE to more than 98% AFUE Climate Control: Explore staged heating, blower performance and additional comfort features Price: […]

Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2016

This list of the best 2016 oil furnaces is a great starting point for researching your next model. We rely on consumer information and independent testing to determine the top rated oil furnaces for 2016. This list focuses on: Quality design and components Performance and climate control Durability as demonstrated by service records Best Oil […]

Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2016

Here’s a look at the very best 2016 gas furnaces. Not all of them are super-efficient models. We cover those in our Most Efficient Gas Furnaces 2016 post. There is some overlap, however. These furnaces were chosen for: Quality components Performance that delivers superior climate control Dependability / Excellent service record 2016 Best Gas Furnaces […]

Most Energy Efficient Gas Furnaces 2015

High energy prices and a desire for ecofriendly HVAC equipment has led to a demand for energy-efficient gas furnaces like those listed here. Many of these have variable-capacity gas valves. They function like cruise control, delivering the exact amount of gas the system needs to maintain the exact temperature called for at the thermostat. Called […]

Best Furnaces Under $2000 in 2015

When you’re looking for reliable heating at a fantastic price, here are three furnaces for less than $2,000 that also provide excellent energy efficiency which leads to lower gas costs throughout the winter. The prices listed below are just for the furnace. Installation and any additional equipment you need will cost extra. 2015 Best Gas […]

Highest AFUE Gas Furnaces of 2015

The efficiency of the top gas furnaces continues to climb each year. This is driven by consumer demand and made possible by advances in technology. Modulating or Variable-Capacity Gas Furnaces The most efficient gas furnaces have gas valves that modulate during the cycle to produce the exact amount of heat needed to maintain the indoor […]

Gas Furnace Buyers Guide 2015

This gas furnace buyers guide gives you an overview of the issues to consider as you research and choose your next gas furnace. We’ll explore: Gas furnace efficiency Gas furnace performance Gas furnace price Factors to consider in your gas furnace decision You might also find it helpful to review our large library of gas […]

Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2015

Today’s best gas furnaces are incredibly efficient and offer outstanding climate control that produces very even temperatures and quiet, gentle cycles. Many of the 2015 best gas furnaces are modulating models. This means the gas valve operates anywhere from about 40% to 100% of capacity depending on the heating needs of the home at that […]

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