Best Central Air Conditioners Under $2,000 for 2016

Here are 5 central air conditioner models with a starting price under $2,000. Not everyone needs a super-efficient, high-performance AC. Those shopping for affordable central air conditioners include: Those who experience moderate summers without extreme heat Those who want to cool space that doesn’t get heavy use such as a vacation home, cottage, guest apartment, […]

Highest SEER Rated Air Conditioners of 2016

People choose super-efficient central air conditioners for one of two reasons or both: They live in a climate with hot or hot/humid weather from spring into fall, and cutting energy costs is a priority They are committed to using less energy and reducing carbon emissions The most efficient central air conditioners of 2016 cost 20% […]

Most Energy Efficient Central Air Conditioners for 2016

You’ll cut your energy costs significantly in warm climates with the installation of a high efficiency central air conditioner. Today’s models are a huge step forward from those of 15-20 years ago in terms of efficiency and performance. This guide to the highest SEER air conditioners includes features and starting prices. Is a High Efficiency […]

Air Conditioner Buyers Guide 2016

Are you buying a central air conditioner in 2016? Central ACs combined with a gas furnace continue to be one of the most popular HVAC systems installed. This guide to air conditioners 2016 will help you decide if an AC split system with a furnace is right for you and which ones you should be […]

Top Rated Central Air Conditioners 2016

Our list of the best 2016 central air conditioners is the place to find your next AC if you want a model with top ratings from consumers, HVAC techs and independent tests. This list emphasizes: Quality components Performance that delivers superior climate control Dependability / Excellent service record See the Pros and Cons below of […]

Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners 2015

Modulating air conditioner technology has changed the game in the AC industry. It’s also, and perhaps more aptly, called variable-capacity performance. The compressor operates at varying capacity between 40% and 100% depending on the signals sent to it from the thermostat. It’s a lot like the cruise control on a car or truck. You set […]

Best Central Air Conditioners Under $2000 for 2015

Not everyone is looking for a modulating air conditioner with all the bells and whistles. If you don’t use AC much or simply want to keep your equipment costs low, these units will do the job. They offer pretty good efficiency too, so your cooling bills won’t be through the roof. Keep in mind that […]

Highest SEER Rated Central Air Conditioners of 2015

Stay cool this summer and cut your energy bills dramatically with these high-efficiency central air conditioners. These are top-of-the-line models, and are quite expensive, but they’ll begin paying you back immediately in the form of air conditioning costs that are 40% to 60% lower than you were paying with a unit 15+ years old. You […]

Air Conditioner Buyers Guide 2015

The goal of this air conditioner buying guide is to provide useful information that will help you select an AC that will meet your requirements now and in the years to come. The key topics covered will be: Central air conditioner performance Central air conditioner efficiency Factors to consider in your AC decision You may […]

Best Split Air Conditioner Systems for the Year 2014

Split systems feature a condensing unit outside your home and a gas furnace or air exchanger inside. They are the most popular way to cool a home efficiently and comfortably. Here are the best split system air conditioners for 2014. 1. Dave Lennox Signature Series XC25 Air Conditioner This is an award-winning AC that consumers […]

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