Federal Energy Credits for 2017

At the end of 2015, congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act which spent a lot of taxpayer money. One positive note for homeowners upgrading their HVAC systems is that it extended tax credits for energy efficient equipment through the end of 2016. Unfortunate, the end of 2016 came without any provisions for energy tax credits […]

Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners 2017

What is the most efficient central air conditioner? How much does a variable-capacity AC cost? These are among the questions answered in our list of 2017 most efficient central air conditioners. You might also be interested in these guides with links that open in a new window: Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2017: Comprehensive information […]

Most Energy Efficient Heat Pumps for 2017

What is the most efficient heat pump? How much does a high-efficiency heat pump cost? What makes these heat pumps so efficient? These are the questions answered in our list of 2017 most efficient heat pumps. Two other guides in our collection might prove helpful to you: Heat Pump Buyers Guide 2017: Comprehensive information for […]

Most Energy Efficient Gas Furnaces 2017

What is the most efficient gas furnace? How much does a high-efficiency gas furnace cost? What makes furnaces so efficient? These are the questions discussed in this 2017 most efficient gas furnaces list. We have produced two other 2017 HVAC guides on furnaces that will assist you in researching your next furnace: Gas Furnace Buyers […]

Gas Pack Buyers Guide 2017

Gas pack information that is accurate and actionable in terms of deciding on the right unit for your purposes is hard to find – until now. This gas pack buyers guide covers five tips for selecting a model. Now, we understand that gas packs are used residentially in the South more than anywhere else due […]

Air Conditioner Buyers Guide 2017

Your central air conditioner options have never been better. Consider this 2017 central air conditioner buyers guide to be your research assistant as you consider the right AC for your purposes. We examine central air conditioner buying tips such as: Consider a Heat Pump if Installing an Entire System Choose an Air Conditioner that Meets […]

Heat Pump Buyers Guide 2017

There’s no perfect heat pump, but there is a right heat pump category or class for your heating and air conditioning demands. This 2017 heat pump buyers guide, now in its fifth year of providing consumers the research they need, will assist you in the process. We thoroughly cover: The Right Heat Pump Efficiency for […]

Gas Furnace Buyers Guide 2017

Buying a gas furnace in 2017 can be complex without an understanding of what’s available. That’s the purpose of our 2017 furnace buyers guide – to assist you in choosing a gas furnace that hits the right targets for you whether budget, indoor climate control and/or ecofriendly efficiency. You might also be interested in our: […]

Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2017

Here are the best oil furnaces for 2017 based on the quality of their design and build and the brand and series track record of reliability over the last decade. While some of these are among the most efficient oil furnaces of 2017, the focus remains on quality and dependability. Note: It’s likely you’re viewing […]

Top Rated Gas Packs 2017

These are the 2017 best gas packs based on the quality of their design and build and the brands recent history of mechanical dependability. What is a Gas Pack? It’s a packaged HVAC unit – meaning one large HVAC cabinet – containing a gas furnace and a central air conditioner. Gas packs are also called […]

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