WebHVAC November 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Every month we bring you HVAC news you can use as you select HVAC equipment or look for ways to cut costs. Here are the November 2017 top HVAC stories. Top HVAC Stories for November 2017 High-efficiency Furnace ROI Isn’t What It Used to be High energy costs have traditionally driven sales of condensing gas […]

WebHVAC October 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Here’s your monthly roundup of top stories related to heating and air conditioning your home. This edition includes $-saving tips, the Jan-Mar 2018 forecast, smart thermostats and more.

WebHVAC September 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

2017 guides to the best furnaces and heat pumps provide research information. 2017 Most Efficient Furnaces and Air-source Heat Pumps. Heat Pump Buyers Guide 2017

Best Gas Furnaces Under 2000 in 2017

What are the best gas furnaces less than $2000? If you want the 80% furnace that’s affordable and offers two-stage heating, there are three units below that will serve you very well. When you’d prefer a 90% furnace for less than $2K, there are options there, and the three best are here too. 80% AFUE […]

Best Heat Pumps Under 2000 for 2017

What are the best heat pumps less than $2000? There are a lot of heat pump models with an average cost below $2K, but many are cheap. The top 2017 affordable heat pumps in this list are quality units that will deliver 15-20 years of durable use when installed by an experienced and qualified contractor […]

Best Central Air Conditioners Under 2000 for 2017

What are the best central air conditioners less than $2,000? This doesn’t mean they’re cheap air conditioners. There are many affordable central ACs with prices starting below 2 grand that offer good quality and performance. We use the $2,000 figure here as the average cost. Since each AC is made in a range of sizes […]

HVAC Installation Cost Estimates for 2017

How much does installation cost when you buy a new HVAC system or individual component? In this HVAC cost guide, we start with installation costs, and as a bonus throw in equipment costs for systems and components plus a section on extra costs. Our goal is to assist you in preparing a complete cost estimate, […]

WebHVAC June 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

There’s a lot going on in the HVAC industry and on this site this month, so let’s jump in. June 2017 Top HVAC Stories A mix of technology, politics and reviews are on the list. 1. Is your Upscale Home Ready for VRF? Variable refrigerant flow, or VRF, technology is gaining popularity in the US […]

Highest SEER Rated Heat Pumps of 2017

What heat pump has the highest SEER rating? Are very efficient heat pumps worth the extra cost? The answers to those questions along with high-efficiency heat pump pros and cons are the focus of this guide as we list the most efficient heat pumps, their quality and a price range for each. 5 Highest SEER […]

Highest SEER Rated Central Air Conditioners of 2017

What air conditioner has the highest SEER rating? Is a very efficient central air conditioner the right choice for you? These are the questions answered here, first with a list of the top 5 most efficient central air conditioners. Then, we discuss the pros and cons very efficient air conditioners, so you can decide if […]

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