Over the course of advising others on their HVAC purchases, we found that most consumers who are going to buy their HVAC equipment online generally fit into one of two categories:

  1. They cannot afford the high prices of local contractors, or…
  2. They are very knowledgeable and wish to do 90% of the installation on their own, to assure it is done to their exact specifications.

Buying Online to Save Money

Those who cannot afford the cost of a local contractor, can save as much as 50-80% off the installed price of a local company installation! Of course, this does come with risk as outlined in other sections. A typical, uneventful, low end split system gas furnace & air conditioner costs between $4000 – $7500, installed by a local contractor. This makes the total cost of $1600 for the equipment a very tempting risk for most homeowners, struggling to make ends meet.

Installing your Own Equipment to Get a Higher Quality Job

Those who are on the other end of the scale are the handyman type who prefer to do everything on their own. They usually have or buy the tools needed, and had enough mechanical knowledge to do most of the project on their own. We also found that most had already spoken to a friend or contractor, and have made an agreement to have the entire project checked over by a professional before it is ever started up.  These buyers were very educated on the equipment they wanted and had taken the time to consult professionals, before ever speaking to us.


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