With the sudden rise in HVAC online purchases over the past 2-3 years, most manufacturers have addressed the issue of warranty by simply stating they will not cover equipment purchased on websites or auction websites, or by ignoring the online purchase warranty question completely. They have effectively managed to leave enough gray area in their warranty, to encourage online sales, yet stayed far enough away from the exact question to swing either way on the warranty issue, on a case by case basis!

One manufacturers rep told us directly that although they deny warranty claims for online purchases, they do not prohibit purchases made over the telephone! In addition, they have authorized several resellers to warranty their equipment on their own, thus removing their risk completely. It is only fair to mention that we have made several attempts to get each of the manufacturers to respond to our requests for warranty information, as it pertains to internet purchased equipment. At this point, I feel it is that gray area, they like to leave open ended. If you visit the HVAC Manufacturers link in the main menu of this website, you can find the different HVAC manufacturer warranties listed on their individual pages. If the manufacturers respond to our repeated requests, we will update the information on those pages to reflect their exact stance on internet purchases.

The bottom line with warranty issues related to online purchases, is that you MUST know how it affects you, before you buy a unit online. Ask questions and research the company you are buying from. Even though the manufacturers leave the gray area in place, reputable sellers will be completely up front with you.

Have you Had a Warranty Nightmare?

We know there are consumers out there who have run into warranty claim issues with HVAC equipment they bought online. Please use the comments section below to share yours.


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