While there is no way for us to share what every company or individual will charge for your specific installation, there are a few ballpark figures we can share from our own experience in helping others. Selling the installation service is a hard calculation for most contractors, since most of their installation pricing is based on the equipment they sell, multiplied by their own specific overhead and labor indicator.

For example: If the equipment costs $1500, they simply use a factor of 3.5 or higher, to estimate the job to you. In this example, the contractor would simply charge $5250.00 to complete the job. (1500 x 3.5)

Once the equipment variable is gone, many simply don't know how to price the project, thus they reduce their original amount by the cost of the equipment.

The majority of Home HVAC replacements can easily be done by 2 workers, in a single 8-12 hour day. Assuming a street rate of $55/hour, per worker, you can safely estimate a reasonable cost between $880-1320 to have your new equipment installed. Keep in mind what was mentioned above about additional materials that may be needed, as well as any costs for permits and inspections.

What did Your HVAC Install Job Cost?

In an effort to help others get a basic idea of what the cost of installation may be on an internet HVAC purchase, please share your costs below, as well as how you found your contractor.


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