WebHVAC August 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Here is the top HVAC news you can use this August including a fall forecast, green HVAC and building products, how to save money and energy with demand response and getting your HVAC system and the rest of your home ready for cold weather.

Top HVAC Stories August 2017

Fall Warmer & Wetter than Normal

Most of the country will experience average to warmer and average to wetter weather in September through November. Here’s the official National Weather Service charts and the Weather Channel overview.

Green Builder Magazine Special Awards Edition

Green Builder Media has released the digital version of its annual The Hot 50 sustainable building products including HVAC equipment from Trane, Lennox, Bosch and other names you know. The HVAC equipment starts on page 18, but the entire magazine is loaded with interesting information on ecofriendly building.

Fall & Winter Home Prep

Fall and winter mean pleasant temperatures in the South and Southwest, but where those seasons are cold, getting your home and HVAC system ready protects your investment and controls energy costs. This local HVAC company offers a helpful list. A local qualified contractor in your area can help tune your furnace and/or heat pump for the workload ahead or winterize your central AC.

Energy & Cost Reduction with Demand Response Programs

Some smart, Wi-Fi thermostats allow utility companies to adjust the set point during peak-use/high-cost periods to boost energy efficiency. Here’s an excellent overview from Energy.gov and more information from ACHR News, an HVAC industry group. You might need to create an account with ACHR News. It’s free, and if you enjoy reading about HVAC, it’s well worth your time.

Solar Still Growing

Despite the claims that solar isn’t cost-effective, the residential solar industry continues to grow. The Solar Investment Tax Credit is given credit for continuing to grow the use of solar energy equipment. Here’s a complete list of equipment that qualifies for the 30% Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.


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