Best Central Air Conditioners Under 2000 for 2017

What are the best central air conditioners less than $2,000? This doesn’t mean they’re cheap air conditioners. There are many affordable central ACs with prices starting below 2 grand that offer good quality and performance. We use the $2,000 figure here as the average cost. Since each AC is made in a range of sizes from 18,000 to 60,000 BTU (1.5 to 5.0 tons), the cost varies quite a bit. In other words, the cost of the largest units for the models listed below might be higher than that, but the average cost for all sizes is not.

 Best Central Air Conditioners Less Than $2,000

These are all quality air conditioners. Here they are along with their efficiency, top features and price ranges.

1. Amana ASXC 16 Central Air Conditioner

  • Up to 16 SEER (Energy Star)
  • Two-stage scroll compressor
  • Compatible with Amana’s ComfortNet Communications system that coordinates system components for optimal climate control
  • Amana ASXC16 Price: $1,600-$2,400

Amana has some of the best warranties in the industry. If the compressor on this AC ever fails, Amana (now a Daikin company) will replace the entire condensing unit – the outdoor unit of a CAC system.

Here’s our Amana ASXC review.

2. Armstrong Air 4SCU16LS & Air Ease 4SCU16LS Central Air Conditioners

  • Up to 16 SEER (Energy Star)
  • Two-stage scroll compressor
  • Compatible with Comfort Sync communicating thermostat/control for optimal climate control
  • Armstrong Air 4SCU16LS & Air Ease 4SCU16LSPrice: $1,500-$2,500

These twin CACs are made by Allied Air brands, and Allied Air is owned by Lennox. Significant investment in the brands in the last five years have taken them from being mediocre, low-cost brands to quality, moderately priced HVAC systems. The warranty is 10 years on all parts. That’s the standard warranty across the industry for better and best units from each brand. If you want the same efficiency for less, model 4SCU14LE is a 16 SEER single-stage air conditioner starting at about $1,200.

3. Trane XR14 & American Standard Silver 14 Central Air Conditioners

  • Up to 16 SEER
  • Single-stage scroll compressor
  • Spine fin outside coil eliminates heat quickly for faster cooling
  • Trane XR14 & American Standard Silver 14 Price: $1,400-$2,400

These are well-built CACs from Ingersoll-Rand brands. The single-stage cooling isn’t as comfortable as two-stage cooling, and its louder since the unit runs at full capacity whenever on. Both central air conditioners are covered with 10-years compressor and parts warranties.

4. Carrier Performance 16 Central Air Conditioner

  • Up to 16 SEER (Energy Star)
  • Single-stage cooling
  • $1,350-$2,500

This unit is also called the Carrier Performance 24ACC6. It’s another good-quality, single-stage CAC that will keep energy costs under control in climates with moderately warm summers. The single-stage compressor is louder, and the unit might produce slight temperature imbalances. If you upgrade your decision to a two-stage Carrier, the Performance 17, for example, the cost average cost will exceed $2K.

5. Heil QuietComfort 16 Central Air Conditioner

  • Up to 16 SEER (Energy Star)
  • Single-stage
  • Compatible with Heil’s Observer communicating Wi-Fi control and technology for optimized efficiency
  • Heil QuietComfort 16 price: $1,450-$2,400

Heil is part of a group of United Technologies Corporation brands that includes Day & Night, Keep Rite, Tempstar, Comfortmaker and Arcoaire, all of which make a version of this unit. This CAC is backed by Heil’s 5-year No Hassle warranty that provides for a new AC if the compressor fails plus a 10-year general parts warranty.

Getting the Best Price on your Affordable AC

HVAC dealers are notorious for keeping their prices from being public information. The only way to learn unit and installation costs is to get written estimates. We always recommend that you get several estimates from dealers/installers that know they’re competing for your work. The best way to find the right qualified contractor is to call several and let them know or, for greater convenience, use the Free Estimates service we offer. The dealers in the service are prescreened for quality, and they are licensed and insured.

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