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WebHVAC May 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

From this summer’s early weather forecast, to the future of the EPA and the impact on climate change to advice on repairing vs. replacing your HVAC system, here are the top HVAC stories for May 2017.

May 2017 Top HVAC Stories

Here's a look at news we hope you can use!

1. South and West Could Be Smoking Hot

These parts of the country will get very hot in July as the East cools to normal after a warm June. That’s the highlights of the forecast from the Weather Channel. Here’s the details with video. If forest fires are a concern where you live, here’s the 2017 Outlook from Predictive Services and the National Interagency Fire Center.

2. HVAC Repair or Replace?

The older your heating and air conditioning system is, the more replacing it becomes a cost-effective solution. Here’s more advice from AirEase, a Lennox brand.

3. EPA Cuts Could Include the Energy Star Program

President Trump recently floated a budget proposal that targets the Environmental Protection Agency for a 31 percent cut in funding. Speculation is that the Energy Star branding program is on the list. Those in the HVAC industry debate the value of the program, some believing it’s a useful guide for consumers while others believing that consumer demand for efficient HVAC systems would remain strong without Energy Star. Here's a deeper look at the proposal and potential consequences. What are your thoughts?

4. Heat Pumps Gaining Popularity vs. Furnaces

The trend toward heat pumps over gas furnaces continued in the most recent year-over-year data. The most efficient gas furnaces turn 98% of the fuel they burn into heat for your home. By contrast, heat pumps only use fossil fuels – those used to generate electricity – to circulate refrigerant to carry or pump heat from inside to outside in summer and outside to inside in winter. As a result, they create up to 3 times the amount of heat for the same energy used. Exploring these charts shows a drop in furnaces shipped and a rise in heat pumps.

5. 2017 Energy Star HVAC Components

Speaking of the Energy Star program, here is the current list of central air conditioners and heat pumps that meet Energy Star requirements for efficiency. Most are also among the best in class for performance with two-stage or variable-capacity heating/cooling. Talk with a qualified contractor about which units will be serve your home.

Thank you for stopping by for this month’s important heating and cooling news. Check back next month for June 2017 top HVAC news stories!

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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