WebHVAC April 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

There’s a lot of interesting news this month from weather to technology, so here are April’s top HVAC stories for 2017.

April 2017 HVAC News

1. A Light Hurricane Season is Forecasted

Residents in the South and along the East Coast will be glad to hear that the meteorologists from AccuWeather are predicting a mild 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The reason, according to AccuWeather is the potential development of an El Niño. Learn more in this report with video.

2. Heat Pump Sales are Steadily Increasing

Forecasts for air-source heat pumps, the type that gather and release heat in air rather than the ground or water (geothermal), are robust. The market is expected to grow significantly in the next five years, according to this report. Air source heat pumps are getting more efficient each year, and many can be installed in a split system with a gas furnace – the best way to cut heating costs in very cold climates. Learn more about heat pumps and cutting heating and cooling costs by talking to a qualified contractor in your area.

3. The HVAC Industry is All About Innovation

There are many exciting innovations being made in commercial and residential HVAC equipment including automation, better efficiency and advances in comfort and indoor air quality. The AHR Expo recently announced its 2017 Innovation Award winners while LG is bring it’s innovations to a town near you with what it calls the LG Technology Roadshow.

4. Your State Might Be Offering Incentives for Efficient HVAC Equipment

While federal credits and rebates have been cut in recent years, most states and many utility companies are still giving them on efficient and/or renewable energy products. You can find out what’s available to you as you consider new HVAC equipment this spring by checking out the database at DSIRE. Just type in your zip code to find programs, and use the filters to narrow your search.

5. Johnson Controls is Giving Back to Military Members

Johnson Controls’ YORK brand is part of the Building Homes for Heroes program for the fourth year. The company will contribute home heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to veterans that have been disabled or severely wounded. Check it out here.

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