Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Review


This 2-stage, 18 SEER air conditioners will cut energy costs and improve your indoor climate with temperature balance and dehumidification. It will be especially effective when paired with a variable-speed blower. It’s an impressive AC that is part of Trane’s second-best series. The 18 SEER cooling is ideal for climates with very warm summers. It’s a good choice for very humid regions too.

This Trane XR16 air conditioner review will help you evaluate this model for your purposes. You’ll find other 2-stage, 18 SEER models in our HVAC reviews – models like the Lennox Signature XC17, Goodman DSXC18, Heil DXT+ 18 SEER and several models from Carrier.

Top Features of the Trane XR16 Air Conditioner

The two-stage compressor runs on low capacity most of the time. This produces longer cycles that cool gently while removing more humidity. There’s less noise too with a 2-stage AC. The unit will run on high when the outside temperature spikes or you call for a significant boost in cooling. Here are the features you’ll get with this model.

  • 18 SEER cooling is Energy Star rated.
  • 2-stage cooling offers superior indoor comfort to single-stage models.
  • The two-stage cooling is achieved by the use of two compressors.
  • The Trane Climatuff compressors are highly rated for durability.
  • Spine-fin coil cools quickly by rapidly transferring heat from your home.
  • Louvered side panels offer better protection than cage-style cabinets.
  • Pressure switches and filter drier prolong compressor and refrigerant life.
  • DuraTuff composite base pan won’t rust.

Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Price

Trane prices are higher than most. Part of it is quality; part of it is Trane reputation and marketing. You will get a high-quality air conditioner ideal for consumers who plan to live in their home long-term. If you plan to move, it might be cost-effective to buy a less expensive model. Here are current air conditioner prices for this model. Get estimates from several Trane dealers in your area for the best prices.

2 ton Trane XR16 central air conditioner: $2,739

3 ton Trane XR16 central air conditioner: $3,059

4 ton Trane XR16 central air conditioner: $3,329

5 ton Trane XR16 central air conditioner: $3,589

Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Warranty

Trane backs this unit with a very good 12-year compressor and parts warranty. It’s one of the better warranties in the industry. Maytag, Heil, Goodman and Amana also provide excellent warranties.

Getting 20 Years of Reliable Service from your Trane AC

The two keys are proper installation and regular maintenance. When you have a qualified contractor install the Trane XR16 central air conditioner, and when you have it serviced every few years, it may well last 20 years and possibly longer.

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