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Best furnaces under $2000 in 2013


Can a gas furnace that costs less than $2,000 be a good investment in your home?  It certainly can.  All the top manufacturers make very good furnaces at affordable prices. Your next question might be, “who buys them?” Affordable gas furnaces are a great deal for homeowners in warmer climates and those who don’t plan to stay in their current home more than 10-12 years when repair bills may begin to mount. Here are the best gas furnaces under $2000 for 2013.

1. Lennox Merit Series ML195 Gas Furnace

This is a 95% efficient, Energy Star rated gas furnace that will take a significantly reduce your heating costs. It’s built with a high-quality heat exchanger and should give you many years of reliable service. Unless you have a very large home, furnaces in the size you need will be comfortably less than $2000.

2. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

This might be the best 80% gas furnace on the market. It delivers 2-stage heating with a variable-speed fan for comfort. The quality is outstanding. This is an affordable 20-year furnace, and a great choice for moderate and warm climates.

3. Goodman GMVM96

There’s only one modulating gas furnace on the market for less than $2000, and that’s the Goodman GMVM96. The modulating gas valve delivers supremely comfortable climate control and very low heating bills.

4. Bryant Preferred Series 95 AFUE

The Bryant Preferred Series is highly respected by industry insiders. It’s built with quality components and will cut your heating costs significantly. The two-stage heating and variable speed blower will make your home very comfortable.

5. Amana AMVC95 Gas Furnace

Amana is an underrated furnace brand. This 95% efficient furnace is equipped with a 2-stage gas valve and variable-speed blower that provides you with outstanding climate control in all seasons. The largest model at 115,000 BTUs is just a shade over the $2,000 threshold at $2,069.

6. American Standard Silver SI+ 80 Gas Furnace

Many consider American Standard the gold standard in gas furnaces. Consider this one the silver standard. It’s got decent quality and efficiency. If you plan to live long-term in a cold climate, you’ll want a more efficient furnace. In a warm climate where the furnace isn’t heavily used, this one will nicely handle the heating in your home.

7. Trane Two-Stage XV80i Gas Furnace

This is another 2-stage furnace with a variable-speed fan that will keep you comfortable throughout the year. It’s backed by a solid 10-year general parts warranty to go with a 20-year heat exchanger warranty.


For more information, see our gas furnace reviews of these models. And have a qualified contractor install whatever furnace you choose because installation is an important part of how the furnace will perform in the years ahead.

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