Trane XL20i Central Air Conditioner Review

This 20 SEER, 2-stage AC is Trane’s best. It’s built with quality compressors and parts that offer durability and great performance. The XL20i should last 20 years or more when it is properly maintained. Have it cleaned and checked every 2 years, and it will continue to provide a high level of performance.

The 2-stage cooling runs at low capacity most of the time. When call for a boost in cooling, the second compressor comes on to lower indoor temperatures quickly. Running at low capacity to maintain even cooling, it will also significantly reduce humidity in your home compared with a single-stage AC.

This Trane XL20i central air conditioner review gives you details you can use as you consider this model for your home. This unit made our Top Rated Central Air Conditioners 2013 list. You’ll find HVAC reviews for all the models on the list, so you can compare them head to head.

Top Features of the Trane XL20i Central Air Conditioner

This is a 2-stage model that uses 2 separate compressors, something done by very few brands. The result is more comfortable cooling than single-stage ACs deliver, as well as the power to quickly cool and dehumidify your home in hot weather. Here’s what you get with this model.

  • 20 SEER cooling is Energy Star rated.
  • Dual Climatuff compressors for 2-stage cooling.
  • Pair with a variable-speed Trane furnace for best climate control.
  • Communicating capability helps maximize efficiency and comfort.
  • Two-row spine fin coil disperses heat more quickly.
  • Multi-stage fan runs more quietly most of the time.
  • WeatherGuard top protects from ice and yard hazards.
  • DuraTuff composite base pan last longer than galvanized.
  • Sound blanket on compressor to reduce operating noise.

Trane XL20i Central Air Conditioner Price

While expensive, this unit is priced comparably to other top central air conditioners. Here are current AC prices for this model.

2 ton Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner: $2,349

3 ton Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner: $2,559

4 ton Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner: $2,989

5 ton Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner: $3,399

Trane XL20i Central Air Conditioner Warranty

Trane’s warranties are pretty good. The compressor has a 12-year warranty, and that’s above average for the industry. The coil and all other parts are backed by a standard 10-year warranty.

Professional Installation is Essential

DIY installation on a central air conditioner is generally discouraged! It requires a refrigerant license for starters, but more importantly, the unit needs to be properly installed in order to run efficiently and durably. Find a Trane-certified qualified contractor for the work. The service on this page will connect you with prescreened, local contractors who know they’re competing for the job. There’s no cost or obligation on your part. When the Trane XL20i air conditioner is properly installed, it should meet or beat your expectations for performance and efficiency.

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