Trane Hyperion XL Electric Furnace Air Handler Review

Trane’s XL line is one of the tops in the HVAC industry. This variable-speed air handler works with a heat pump or AC to create a very comfortable indoor climate with temperature balance, humidity control and air filtration. It’s ideal for installation with an XL heat pump like the Trane XL20i or the Trane XL16i heat pumps.

This Trane Hyperion XL air handler review gives features and prices for you to compare with other models you’re considering. The air handler made our Top Rated Electric Furnaces / Air Handlers 2013 list, and we’ve done HVAC reviews on all of the top-rated models.

Top Features of the Trane Hyperion XL Electric Furnace Air Handler

  • The Vortica blower offers variable-speed comfort along with excellent temperature balance and humidity control.
  • Variable-speed performance maximizes SEER and HSPF efficiency of other components.
  • Equipped for ComfortLink II technology that coordinates components for highest efficiency.
  • Can be remotely monitored and programmed by smart phone with a TAM module.
  • All-aluminum  coil resists corrosion for greater durability and efficiency.
  • Quick-turn fasteners ease service and cleaning.

Trane Hyperion XL Air Handler Price

As one of the top models in the industry, this air handler is fairly expensive. Trane has a very good repair record, so this model should provide dependable service for 20+ years when maintained. Here are current air handler prices for this model.

2 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler: $1,479

2.5 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler: $1,589

3 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler:$1,699

3.5 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler: $1,779

4 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler: $1,959

5 ton Trane Hyperion XL air handler: $2,189

Heat strips make this an electric furnace for warm climates or support a heat pump. They are also used for emergency heat. Heat strips come in various sizes. A 5kW heat strip costs $90-$115. A 10kW heat strip costs $100-$125. 20kW heat strips cost $155-$185.

Trane Hyperion XL Electric Furnace Air Handler Warranty

Trane offers a 10-year warranty on the coil and air handler. That’s an average warranty for good-quality air handlers.

Getting the Most from your Trane Air Handler

A complete Trane XL system installed can cost $10,000 or more, so getting the best return on your investment is important. To do that, find a Trane-certified qualified contractor with good experience. It might make sense to get several written estimates and evaluate the expertise of the contractors, not just price. Using a service to do this can be quick and easy, and there is no obligation or fee. When your Trane XL air handler and components are properly installed, they should give you many years of quality performance.

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