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Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013

These are the best oil furnaces for 2013. There are several new and upgraded models. The average efficiency rating has gone up to help control fuel costs. More feature variable-speed blowers that produce a more comfortable indoor climate.  Here’s the list of the best oil furnaces for 2013. Click on the links for full reviews of each model.

Top 10 Oil Furnaces for 2013

We’ve looked at all the oil furnaces from today’s leading brands. Here is our annual Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 edition.

Trane XV80 Oil Furnace

This is a new furnace for 2013 and offers higher efficiency to go with more comfortable heating. The 85% efficiency of the Trane XV80 will help lower heating bills when it replaces an older oil furnace. It is equipped with a variable-speed blower that will produce better temperature balance and will run quieter since it operates on low much of the time. Trane quality is second to none, and this furnace should give you many years of dependable service.

Bryant Preferred OVM Oil Furnace

This is a very efficient oil furnace, with an AFUE of 86.6%. Bryant has also equipped the Preferred OVM oil furnace with a variable-speed fan that helps distribute air more evenly throughout your home. Bryant is a sister brand of Carrier and offers some of the highest quality in the industry.

Heil NOMV High Efficiency Oil Furnace

This is another new furnace for 2013 as Heil continues to make impressive upgrades to its entire lineup of HVAC equipment. It offers efficiency levels in the mid-80s depending on the size of the furnace. Indoor comfort is produced with a variable-speed fan. Heil backs the Heil NOMV oil furnace with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty that includes a 10-year furnace replacement warranty. All other parts are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Carrier Performance OVL Oil Furnace

This lowboy furnace is very efficient, with 86.6 AFUE, high enough to receive an Energy Star rating. It is outfitted with a variable-speed blower to maximize indoor comfort. The Carrier Performance OVL oil furnace uses both the Beckett Flame Retention and Riello burners, the 2 top brands in the industry.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V Oil Furnace

This oil furnace is part of Lennox’s top line and shows good quality in every detail. It’s fairly efficient at 83% and features a variable-speed blower to enhance indoor comfort while reducing operating noise. This is a lowboy furnace ideal for installation in a basement or crawl space. The Lennox Signature SLO183V oil furnace is backed by a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts warranty, about average for top oil furnaces.

Armstrong L83UFV Variable Speed Oil Furnace

Armstrong has introduced a couple new oil furnaces for 2013, and this one is the top of the line. It offers 83% efficiency and variable-speed performance. It will help control energy costs while keeping your home’s climate precisely controlled. Armstrong makes quality HVAC components like the L83UFV oil furnace at very competitive prices.

Rheem ROCA Highboy Series Oil Furnace

The Rheem ROCA Highboy Series is one of the most reliable oil furnaces in the industry. This one offers 85.9%. efficiency too. It is equipped with an ECM blower motor that cuts down on energy use. Rheem ROCA oil furnaces are available up to 185,000 BTUs.

American Standard Platinum XV Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

The Platinum XV oil furnace is well-built and will prove to be a workhorse wherever it is used. It’s 82.7% efficient and is equipped with a variable-speed fan to enhance indoor comfort. Features include the Comfort-R mode that removes more humidity when working in the summer with a central AC and the TAM module that allows you to control the unit remotely with a smart phone.

Maytag M120 80+% O5HD-V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

This new oil furnace comes with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 12-year general parts warranty. It’s a variable-speed model with efficiency greater than 80%. Maytag is one of the highest-rated HVAC companies, and good quality is found in every detail of the Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace.

Ducane Upflow RLUF80C Oil Furnace

This model makes a repeat appearance on the list. The Ducane Upflow RLUF80C oil furnace uses the high-quality Beckett Flame Retention burner that offers the industry’s best reliability and longevity. This 83% AFUE oil furnace is also priced very affordably and should give you 17-20 years of durable service, possibly more when properly maintained.

See our individual reviews to learn more about many of these top rated gas furnaces for 2013. We include HVAC prices in all posts so you can decide if each oil furnace is worth the money. It also makes it easier to compare oil furnaces head to head.

No matter which furnace you choose, hire a qualified contractor for the important job of installing it correctly. Any furnace needs to be properly installed, set up and maintained to run at peak efficiency and durability. This list of the best oil furnaces is a great place to start your search for the right oil furnace for your home.

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