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Top Rated Gas Packs 2013

Here are the best gas packs for 2013. They offer superior quality and good efficiency. Gas packages are an ideal choice where homes don’t have basements and they work well for commercial buildings too. They also reduce noise inside since the component are installed out of doors.

Hybrid Heat Gas Packs

A gas pack, or gas packaged unit, uses a gas furnace for heat and a central air conditioner for cooling. Most do anyway. There are now several very good dual fuel gas packs that feature a furnace alongside a heat pump. They are ideal for cold climates where you can take advantage of the heat pump’s efficiency superiority to the furnace and still have the furnace in freezing temperatures that are too cold for heat pumps.

The Top Gas Package Units for 2013

Here are the best gas package units currently available.  The get high ratings for quality, performance and durability. Click on the links to see full reviews of each model.

Trane XL16c Earthwise Hybrid Packaged System

Trane has upgraded their best package unit to a dual fuel model. The standard Trane XL16c is still available to those who prefer to save money on the gas packaged unit. The Earthwise Series gives you options for colder climates. Here are the Trane XL16c Earthwise specs: 16.6 SEER, 9.0 HSPF and 80% AFUE. This is one of the most efficient gas packaged units on the market and offers outstanding quality too. These features put it at the top of the list.

American Standard Platinum ZM Gas/Electric System

This unit is a twin to the top-rated Trane XL16c Earthwise, with excellent Energy Star efficiency and top quality in every component. The 2-stage performance variable-speed blower increases indoor comfort in all seasons. The American Standard Platinum ZM package system is also backed by one of the better warranties in the industry.

Bryant Evolution 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat 677DDual Fuel System

This unit makes the list because of its quality and very good efficiency. Keep in mind that the most efficient package units are not nearly as efficient as the most efficient split systems, but units like this are narrowing the margin. The Bryant Evolution 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat 677D system offers 15 SEER cooling and 8.0 HSPF heating from the heat pump to go with 81% AFUE from the gas furnace. The scroll compressor is a 2-stage model to add comfort and climate control to the good efficiency.

Carrier Infinity Series Hybrid Heat 48XT Package System

This system is essentially identical to its sister model, the Bryant Evolution 15 listed above. You get renowned Carrier quality alongside Energy Star efficiency – 15 SEER, 8.0 HSPF and 81% AFUE. Its 2-stage heating and cooling will keep your home more comfortable, with fewer temperature fluctuations and less humidity during the cooling season. The Carrier Infinity 48XT package system is a 15-20 year unit that should prove very reliable.

Heil PGS5 Packaged Gas Heating/Electric Cooling 15 SEER System

Heil has really upgraded its product lineup in the last few years, and the Heil PGS5 shows how. It’s efficient, offering 15 SEER cooling and 80% AFUE heating, both Energy Star rated. This is a 2-stage AC that cools more gently and removes more humidity than single-stage package units. Heil backs the Heil PGS5 packaged system with a 5-year No Hassle on the heat exchanger. If it fails within the first 5 years, Heil will replace the entire package unit. Otherwise, the heat exchanger has a lifetime warranty.

Amana Premium APD14 Dual Fuel Packaged Unit

Amana gets overlooked too often when rating the top HVAC equipment on the market. But Amana delivers outstanding quality, great warranties and pretty good efficiency in this model. The efficiencies are Energy Star qualified: 14.5 SEER, 8.0 HSPF and 80% AFUE. Both the furnace heat exchanger and the heat pump compressor are covered with lifetime limited warranties, something you won’t find elsewhere in the industry. The furnace in the Amana Premium APD14 dual fuel packaged unit offers 2-stage heating for added indoor comfort.

Lennox Signature Series 15GCSX Gas/Electric Packaged Unit

This unit makes the list because of Lennox dependability and the 2-stage heating and cooling that helps you better control the comfort level in your home. A variable-speed blower does a good job of slowly heating and cooling to produce more temperature balance, but it can work on high capacity when you need a boost from your Lennox Signature Series 15GCSX packaged system. The AC delivers 15 SEER cooling and the furnace is 78% efficient.

Ruud Ultra Series RRRL-C 16 SEER Package Gas Electric System

This very efficient gas/electric model is Ruud’s best. It offers 16 SEER cooling which is more efficient than most on the market. The furnace is the Ruud Ultra RRRL-C package system  is 80% efficient. This is a durable, single-stage model at an affordable price.

Rheem RRRL Series 16 SEER Package Gas/Electric System

This unit is very similar to the Ruud Ultra Series RRL-C system listed above. It too delivers 16 SEER cooling to go with 80% efficient heating, so it’s an Energy Star rated gas/electric system. The Rheem RRL Series packaged system Scroll compressor is highly-rated for durability and this unit should give you 15+ years of service when properly maintained.

Choosing Professional Installation for your Gas Packaged System

The key to getting the best efficiency, performance and durability from your gas package unit is to have it properly installed. Get at least 3 estimates and make your choice based not just on the HVAC prices you’re quoted, but on the quality and experience of the installers. That’s the best way to ensure getting the value from the gas pack you choose for your home or business.

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