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Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2013

Here are the 10 best gas furnaces available. Modulating technology has made them very efficient and they also produce outstanding home comfort. Click on the links for full reviews of each top rated gas furnace for 2013.

Modulating Gas Furnaces

Modulating gas furnaces don’t have just a high-capacity and low-capacity. Most can run at any capacity between about 40% and 100%, delivering the precise amount of heat to keeping indoor temperatures perfectly balanced. They ramp up when a boost in heating is needed, but run at very low capacity most of the time to prevent temperature swings They also run more quietly.

All these are modulating furnaces. They’re a bit more costly than most 2-stage models. But they are very efficient so will lower energy bills significantly. If you’d prefer to spend less, each of these furnace lines have a 2-stage model that is less expensive but will still do a great job making your home comfortable and cutting costs. In fact, if you live in a warm climate and don’t want to invest in a high-efficiency model, most of these lines also have an 80% 2-stage model. All the furnaces on this list are Energy Star rated and may qualify for energy rebates from your utility company.

The Importance of Quality Installation

Here is our list of the top rated gas furnaces 2013 edition. It’s in alphabetical order. These are all 5-Star furnaces and you can’t go wrong with any of them. You might choose by getting estimates on 3-4 of them and then making your decision based on the quality and experience of the installer. Choosing a qualified contractor with a proven track record will help ensure that your furnace will run as efficiently and durably as it should through the years.

Amana AMVM96 Gas Furnace

This modulating furnace is 96% efficient and is backed by the best warranty in the industry. The patented Million-Aire stainless steel heat exchanger is rated for a million heating cycles. If the heat exchanger ever fails, Amana will provide an entire new furnace. The Amana AMVM96 is also offered at very competitive prices.

American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace

American Standard is something of the gold standard in furnaces – or in this case the Platinum standard. This is a workhorse modulating furnace built from the highest-quality parts in the industry. It is 95% efficient and ideal for cold climates. The Platinum SV is a 2-stage, 80% model designed for warm climates. The American Standard Platinum ZV comes wired for the TAM module that allows you to control the heating system from your smart phone.

Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace

Armstrong has really geared up its furnace collection in the last few years. The the modulating Armstrong A97MV gas furnace has a variable-speed blower, as all these furnaces do, that optimizes climate control whether heating or cooling. This furnace is 97% efficient and is popular with enthusiasts of green technology.

Bryant Evolution Plus 98m Gas Furnace

Bryant is a sister company to Carrier, an industry leader. The Bryant Evolution Plus 98m is very much like Carrier’s top Infinity model. It is 98.3% efficient, so you’ll see significantly less energy use and lower utility bills. Bryant quality is also outstanding.

Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity Series is the best-known furnace series in the industry, and this furnace shows why. The Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 furnace is 98.5% efficient with fully-modulating heat. You won’t feel temperature swings and there won’t be hot and cold spots in your home if your ductwork is correctly installed. You might see this furnace called the Carrier Greenspeed Furnace.

Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace

This modulating furnace delivers 97% efficiency and uses Heil’s Observer technology to monitor and control indoor comfort. The Heil QuietComfort VC97 gas furnace offers a 10-year furnace replacement warranty as part of the lifetime heat exchanger warranty—one of the best warranties in the industry.

Lennox Signature SLP98V Gas Furnace

This was one of the first modulating gas furnaces and it remains one of the best. Lennox built the Lennox Signature SLP98V furnace with the highest-quality parts and the Signature Series has a great track record for reliability. With 98.2% efficiency, you’ll keep heating bills under control in even the coldest winters. This furnace can be paired with Lennox Signature heat pumps that are dual fuel for the most efficient way to heat and cool any home.

Maytag M1200 PGC2MQ iQ Drive Gas Furnace

This is a 97% efficient modulating furnace. The top-quality design with variable-speed blower will deliver outstanding control of temperature, humidity whether heating or cooling and even air filtration. The Maytag M1200 PGC2MQ iQ Drive is a dynamic, durable gas furnace.

Rheem Prestige RGFG  Gas Furnace

The Rheem Prestige RGFG furnace is an upflow/horizontal model. The downflow/horizontal model is the Rheem Prestige RGGE gas furnace. Both are fully-modulating and offer 96% efficiency and a variable-speed blower. Choose the one you need based on where you plan to install it and you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures with very little noise throughout the heating season.

Trane XC95m Gas Furnace

Trane makes some of the most durable furnaces in the industry. The Trane XC95m is a 95% modulating gas furnace with a variable-speed blower. The ComfortLink II communication technology coordinates system components to maximize climate control. Comfort-R mode helps remove more humidity during cooling.


These are the best gas furnaces of 2013. Each one will keep your heating bills low while making your home very comfortable. See individual reviews on many of these models right here on this site for more details. We include HVAC prices too, so you can evaluate what you’re getting for the money.

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