Rheem Prestige RGFG Gas Furnace Review

This 96% modulating furnace features upflow/horizontal design for installation in an basement or first-floor utility closet. The Rheem RGGE is the corresponding downflow gas furnace and the RGJF is a horizontal furnace. They both offer modulating heat and high efficiency. The modulating gas valve adjusts continuously during the cycle, from about 40% to 100% capacity in order to deliver the precise amount of heat required to maintain even temperatures without noticeable fluctuation.

This Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace review gives you details you can use to evaluate this model for your purposes. It made our Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2013 list for its quality and performance. The list contains several modulating models, and you can find links to all the gas furnace reviews by accessing the list.

Top Features of the Rheem Prestige RGFG Gas Furnace

Here’s a look at the performance you’ll enjoy if you choose this quality gas furnace.

  • Up to 96% AFUE, and is Energy Star rated.
  • Modulating burner delivers precise temperature balance and while maximizing efficiency.
  • Variable-speed blower runs quietly and heats gently.
  • Continuous low-speed fan helps remove humidity when the system is cooling and filters the air more consistently.
  • Internal communications coordinates the performance of the furnace with a matched AC or heat pump.
  • Use Rheem’s modulating thermostat for best results.
  • Speed induced draft motor for more efficient starts.
  • Equipped to take Rheem’s Indoor Air Quality equipment.
  • Hot surface ignition provides reliable starts.

Rheem Prestige RGFG Gas Furnace Price

This is Rheem’s top furnace and it’s most expensive model. Compare prices with other modulating models from the leading brands, and you’ll see this one is priced in about the middle of the pack. We include prices in all our HVAC reviews to give you the details you need to make an informed decision.

60,000 BTU Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace: $2,199

75,000 BTU Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace: $2,479

90,000 BTU Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace: $2,649

105,000 BTU Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace: $2,889

120,000 BTU Rheem Prestige RGFG gas furnace: $3,159

Rheem Prestige RGFG Gas Furnace Warranty

Rheem’s warranties for this unit are average for top-of-the-line gas furnaces. Goodman, Amana, Heil and Maytag offer better warranties. On the RGFG, the heat exchanger is backed by a lifetime warranty and all other parts are covered by a 10-year parts warranty.

Quality Installation Improves Durability

The best way to protect your investment in a new gas furnace is to have it installed by a qualified contractor with good experience. We recommend getting several written estimates from screened local contractors. The service we partner with is fast and convenient, and there is no obligation or cost to you for using it. Choose a furnace company certified to install Trane furnaces and one with years of experience.

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