Maytag M120 80+% O5HD-V Variable-Speed Oil Furnace Review

This quality oil furnace uses a variable-speed blower to balance temperatures and eliminate cold spots. The fan runs on low to start the cycle, reducing noise. Choose constant low-speed fan between cycles to increase air filtration. If a central AC is in use, the low-speed fan helps remove more humidity, increasing comfort within your home.

This Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace review will help you evaluate this model for your home. It made our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 list where you’ll find links to oil furnace reviews for all the models on the list. See all our HVAC reviews for further research on oil and gas furnaces as well as heat pumps and packaged heating units.

Top Features of the Maytag M120 80+% O5HD-V Furnace

The 80% AFUE isn’t great, but it’s not a bad fit in warm and moderate climates. In colder climates, it might make sense to choose a more efficient model like the 86.6% Carrier Performance OVL oil furnace, another top-rated model. Here are the key specs for this Maytag oil furnace:

  • 80% AFUE is not Energy Star rated.
  • Variable-speed blower runs quietly and increases climate control.
  • Welded steel heat exchanger is rugged and should outlast the furnace.
  • Uses the industry’s best burner, the Beckett Flame Retention burner also found in oil furnaces from Carrier, Lennox and Armstrong.
  • Foil-faced, spun-glass insulation in the cabinet reduces operating noise while conserving heat.
  • 22-gauge Galvanized steel cabinet is powder-coated for appearance and durability.

Maytag M120 80+% O5HD-V Furnace Price

Maytag tends to be priced above average, but the level of quality is also superior to many brands. Maytag oil furnaces are in the top handful when it comes to user ratings and service record. You’ll pay more, but you should be better performance for a longer period of time. Here are current oil furnace prices for this model.

60,000 BTU Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace: $2,339

80,000 BTU Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace: $2,539

100,000 BTU Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace: $2,779

120,000 BTU Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace: $3,059

140,000 BTU Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace: $3,289

Maytag M120 80+% O5HD-V Furnace Warranty

Maytag backs this oil furnace with a warranty that is slightly better than average for top models. The heat exchanger has lifetime coverage and all other parts are warrantied for 12 years.

Remember the Importance of Installation and Cleaning

Quality installation and consistent cleaning are the keys to getting the most from your oil furnace. Hire a qualified contractor for the install, one with good training and experience. It makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates before deciding which contractor is right for the job. Then, have a professional furnace technician clean your furnace every 1-2 years. When you do, you’ll get the efficiency and longevity from the Maytag M120 O5HD-V oil furnace that you expect.

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