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Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 Gas Furnace Review

The Heil VC/EC 97 is a 97% modulating, variable-speed furnace that lowers energy bills while making any home very comfortable. It is designed to produce even, comfortable and quiet heating, and it will optimize the performance of a central air conditioner too.

This Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 furnace review gives you the details you need to evaluate this model for your home. We review all the top modulating gas furnaces on this site, so see our gas furnace reviews for Lennox, Carrier, Maytag, Trane and Rheem to compare today’s most efficient furnaces. This furnace and other modulating models made our Top Rated Gas Furnace 2013 list.

Top Features of the Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace

The gas valve and burner on this unit fire between 40% and 100% in increments of 1-2%. The system monitors your indoor climate and delivers the right amount of heat to keep temperatures very balanced. You won’t experience fluctuations or cold/hot spots in your home, especially if your ductwork is properly installed. The variable-speed blower runs on low capacity when the furnace does, and speeds up as the burner capacity increases.

Here are all the top specifications of this model.

97% AFUE is Energy Star rated.

Modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower optimize comfort.

Observer communicating system coordinates the blower with the burner during heating cycles or a central AC during cooling cycles to maximize efficiency.

ECM blower uses less power than standard blower motors.

Soft-mount components eliminate vibration noise.

The Rigid Press Joint (RPJ) heat exchanger is weld-free for improved performance and durability.

Secondary heat exchanger boosts efficiency.

Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace Price

This is Heil’s top of the line furnace. It is fairly expensive. Here are price averages you’ll find as you get written estimates for this unit. Be sure to get multiple estimates in order to find the lowest price.

75,000 BTU Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 gas furnace: $1,779

95,000 BTU Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 gas furnace: $2,289

115,000 BTU Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 gas furnace: $2,659

Heil QuietComfort VC 97 Gas Furnace Warranty

Heil offers one of the better warranty packages in the industry. Both heat exchangers are backed by a lifetime warranty, and a 10-year parts warranty covers everything else. If either of the heat exchangers fails within the first 10 years, Heil will replace the entire furnace.

Quality Installation Protects your Investment

When you spend extra to get the best furnace available, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. The way to ensure top performance and efficiency is to have the Heil QuietComfort VC/EC 97 gas furnace installed by a qualified contractor specializing in Heil furnaces.

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