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Heil NOMV High Efficiency Oil Furnace Review

This Energy Star furnace offers 85% AFUE heating & variable-speed blower that will enhance indoor comfort. The warranty is excellent on this model, as Heil seeks to grow its business by offering some of the top warranties in the industry. The compact height of the Heil NOMV oil furnace makes it a good fit for installation in basements or attics.

This Heil NOMV oil furnace review gives you details you can use to evaluate this model for use in your home. You’ll find features and pricing here, just like in all our HVAC reviews. This unit made our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 list, so you can compare it with others. You’ll find oil furnace reviews on this site for all models on the list.

Top Features of the Heil NOMV High Efficiency Oil Furnace

The efficiency level is about average for oil furnaces which don’t heat as efficiently as high-efficiency gas furnaces. The variable-speed blower is a plus for climate control in your home. Here’s the key features you’ll enjoy with this model.

  • 85% AFUE – utilizes 83% of the heat it creates to heat your home.
  • Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for outstanding durability.
  • Variable-speed blower offers gentler, quieter heating.
  • The blower is an ECM model, so it uses less electricity.
  • Control panel is designed for fast installation and easy add-on of an electric air cleaner, humidifier or central AC coil.
  • Large cleanout in front makes access and maintenance easier.
  • High-efficiency burners help cut down on heat waste.
  • Insulated steel cabinet reduces noise and heat loss.

Heil NOMV High Efficiency Oil Furnace Price

This unit is competitively priced with comparable models from other leading brands like Carrier, Trane, Lennox and Rheem. Here are oil furnace prices for the most common sizes.

60,000 BTU Heil NOMV oil furnace: $1,879

80,000 BTU Heil NOMV oil furnace: $2,249

100,000 BTU Heil NOMV oil furnace: $2,669

120,000 BTU Heil NOMV oil furnace: $2,959

Heil NOMV Oil Furnace Warranty

This unit stands above the crowd in this department. The stainless steel heat exchanger is backed by a lifetime limited warranty against defects. A 10-year No Hassle warranty is added. If the heat exchanger fails in the first 10 years, Heil will replace the entire furnace. The rest of the parts are backed by a 10-year warranty this is also better than the industry average.

Professional Installation is Essential

When you hire a qualified contractor to install any oil furnace, you’ll be assured that it will run at maximum efficiency and durability.  And you’ll have the peace of mind the dangerous exhaust gases are properly vented. Get several estimates for the installation and choose the contractor you believe will do the best job. When you do, you’ll get top performance from the Heil NOMV oil furnace in every way.

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