Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V Oil Furnace Review

This 83%, variable-speed furnace offers good comfort and very high quality. As Lennox’s best oil furnace, it should last up to 20 years and possibly longer with regular cleaning. This is a quiet furnace too, and it uses the highly-rated Beckett Flame Retention burner. Carrier and other leading brands of oil furnaces also choose Beckett burners for their top models.

This Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V oil furnace review will help you evaluate this model for use in your home. It made our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 list. You’ll find links to oil reviews for all the models, so you can compare their features head to head. As with all our HVAC reviews, you’ll find complete pricing in each review.

Top Features of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V

  • 83% AFUE is not Energy Star rated.
  • Variable-speed blower motor heats more quietly and with better balance throughout your home.
  • Heavy-gauge steel heat exchanger offers excellent durability.
  • Silent Comfort technology includes baffles and insulation to reduce operating noise.
  • Beckett burner is one of the best.
  • Aluminized ceramic fiber combustion chamber is safe and quiet.
  • Heavy-duty fuel pump offers reliable heating.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V Price

We include prices in all our HVAC reviews, so you’ll have current costs for every model.

70,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLO183V oil furnace: $2,279

100,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLO183V oil furnace: $2,549

135,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLO183V oil furnace: $2,889

150,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLO183V oil furnace: $3,159

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLO183V Warranty

Lennox is not known for having one of the best warranties in the business. They are about average. Lennox backs this model with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts warranty. Again, getting 20 years of service from this model is not out of the question

How to Get the Best Performance from the Lennox SLO183V Furnace

Oil furnaces need to be properly installed to deliver the most efficient and durable operation. DIY installation is not recommended. Plus, when running oil line and venting dangerous combustion gases, having a pro on the job gives peace of mind. Consider hiring a qualified contractor with certification from Lennox for oil furnace installs. It makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates, and then choose the contractor with the right blend of experience and price. When you do, the Lennox SLO183 oil furnace should meet or exceed your expectations.

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