Bryant Evolution 280A Heat Pump Review

This 20 SEER modulating heat pump is one of the top 5 models available. The compressor adjusts in 1% increments to perfectly balance temperatures in your home while removing more humidity when cooling. When paired with a variable-speed air handler, the system will produce longer, quieter and gentler cycles. This is Bryant’s first modulating model, and it is very similar to sister-brand Carrier’s Infinity 25VNAO Greenspeed heat pump.

This Bryant Evolution 280A heat pump review gives you details you can use to evaluate this model for your purposes. With the ultra-efficient performance, this is an ideal heat pump for climates with a long, hot cooling season and fairly cold winters too. The 280A made our Top Rated Heat Pumps 2013 list where you’ll find links to heat pump reviews of all models on the list.

Top Features of the Bryant Evolution 280A Heat Pump Review

There’s a lot to like about this heat pump, and it’s catching on in hot climates and with homeowners committed to ecofriendly heating and cooling. This energy miser will cut energy use and costs by more than 50% when replacing some older models. Here’s what it offers.

  • 20.5 SEER cooling and 13.0 HSPF heating are Energy Star rated.
  • Modulating compressor automatically adjusts for balanced results.
  • Uses Evolution controller for precise control of temperature, humidity and air filtration.
  • Runs quieter than single-stage and 2-stage models.
  • Equipped with sound-reducing insulation and design.
  • Rugged cabinet and coil guard protect from outdoor hazards.
  • Pressure switches and filter drier protect compressor longevity.

Bryant Evolution 280A Heat Pump Review Price

There are just a few modulating heat pumps on the market, and they are expensive. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective heat pump, and you live in a mild climate, then a less efficient, less expensive model is a better choice. In very cold climates, consider dual fuel heat pumps. For lowest-possible energy use and utility costs, this is the right choice. Here are current heat pump prices:

2 ton Bryant Evolution 280A heat pump: $3,289

3 ton Bryant Evolution 280A heat pump: $3,639

4 ton Bryant Evolution 280A heat pump: $4,069

5 ton Bryant Evolution 280A heat pump: $4,389

Bryant Evolution 280A Heat Pump Review Warranty

Bryant’s warranty is good, but not great. It covers the compressor and all parts of this heat pump with a 10-year limited warranty that is average for the industry. Goodman, Amana, Maytag, Trane and Heil are among the brands offering better warranties. Having said that, Bryant has a very good repair record, so this model should give you many years of trouble-free reliability.

Getting the Best Results from your Bryant Evolution Heat Pump

Have this unit installed by a Bryant-authorized qualified contractor for best results, and then have it cleaned and serviced every few years. When you do, it will continue to run as efficiently and dependably as it should. Plus, if minor issues develop, they’ll be caught and repaired before expensive repairs develop.

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