Armstrong L83UFV Variable Speed Oil Furnace Review

This 83%, variable-speed furnace produces comfortable indoor temperatures, and when a central AC is running, it will significantly lower the humidity of your home. This quality oil furnace is a part of Armstrong’s newly-designed, upgraded product lineup. In fact, this furnace made our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 list. All of the models on the list are reviewed and linked, so you can compare oil furnace reviews with features and prices.

This Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace review gives you the details you need to evaluate this furnace for your purposes. See our HVAC reviews for comparable models as well as gas furnaces and heat pumps if they are an option.

Top Features of the Armstrong L83UFV Variable Speed Oil Furnace

  • 83% AFUE is not Energy Star rated, but it is average for the industry.
  • Variable-speed blower helps to balance temperatures while running more quietly throughout the cycle.
  • Blower uses an ECM motor to conserve electricity
  • Uses the top-rated Beckett Flame Retention burners also used by Carrier, Lennox and other leading brands.
  • Beckett’s heavy-duty fuel pump is very reliable.
  • Solid-stage 10,000V ignition offers secure starts.
  • Large-diameter, stainless steel cleanout ports.
  • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber is quiet and durable.
  • Foil-faced, fiberglass insulation in the cabinet reduces heat loss and operating noise.
  • Highboy design; Low-boy and horizontal-flow models also available.

Armstrong L83UFV Variable Speed Oil Furnace Price

Armstrong has improved the quality of its oil furnaces, and they now rank in the top 1/3 of all brands. The prices remain very competitive, and that translates into very good value for the consumer. Here are current oil furnace prices for the most common sizes of this furnace.

57,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $ 1,249

72,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $1,469

84,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $1,639

95,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $1,879

113,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $1,999

126,000 BTU Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace: $2,239

Armstrong L83UFV Variable Speed Oil Furnace Warranty

Armstrong’s warranties on this model are average for quality oil furnaces – the same as Carrier and Lennox’s best models. The heat exchanger is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. All other parts are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. This model, with consistent cleaning, should give you 17-25 years of service.

Getting the Best Durability form your Oil Furnace

It starts with quality installation. Choose a qualified contractor for the install. Then, in the years ahead, have your contractor clean the furnace every 1-2 years. This will keep the energy efficiency as high as it should be, and it will run more durably with fewer breakdowns in the years ahead. Take care of the Armstrong L83UFV oil furnace, and you should be quite happy with its performance.

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