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Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace Review

The Armstrong A97MV is a 97% modulating furnace that will lower heating bills while raising indoor comfort. A variable-speed fan coordinates with the modulating gas valve to produce gentle, quiet and balanced heating in every room of your home.

Armstrong may not have the name recognition of Lennox or Carrier, but this furnace can compete with the best in every way. Compare our reviews of this model, the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 furnace, Lennox Signature SLP98V, the Heil QuietComfort VC 97 furnace and other top models to see for yourself.

This Armstrong A97MV gas furnace review will help you decide if this is the right model for your home. The A97MV is one of the Top Rated Gas Furnace 2013 models.

Top Features of the Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace

The modulating gas valve fires at 40%-100% capacity, adjusting in small increments based on the heating needs of your home. To maintain even temperatures, it runs at lower capacity and lower fan speed. When you need a boost of heat, it cranks up to warm your home quickly. Here’s an overview of all the top features.

  • 97% AFUE is Energy Star qualified.
  • Modulating gas valve and variable-speed motor optimize indoor comfort.
  • Quiet Combustion technology and insulated cabinet reduce noise.
  • EHX Technology reduces hot spots in the heat exchanger that can damage furnace longevity.
  • Stainless steel, crimped heat exchanger isn’t welded, so will last longer than most.
  • Dual fuel capability – this furnace can be installed with a heat pump to alternate heating in colder climates.
  • Offered in upflow, downflow and horizontal units.

Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace Price

As a top of the line, high-efficiency gas furnace, this one is fairly expensive. However, when it replaces an older furnace, it may reduce your heating costs by 25% or more. This unit will begin to pay for itself right away, especially in northern climates where a furnace runs 6+ months of the year.

66,000 BTU Armstrong A97MV modulating gas furnace: $2,649

88,000 BTU Armstrong A97MV modulating gas furnace: $2,889

110,000 BTU Armstrong A97MV modulating gas furnace: $3,159

132,000 BTU Armstrong A97MV modulating gas furnace: $3,459

Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace Warranty

The Armstrong warranty is about average for quality furnaces. The heat exchangers are backed by a lifetime limited warranty and all other parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

Get the Most from your Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace

Quality installation is essential to getting the best from your furnace. Choose a qualified contractor with good experience installing Armstrong furnaces. When the Armstrong A97MV gas furnace is properly installed, it will run at maximum efficiency and give you the performance and durability you expect.

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