Rheem Oil Furnace Price List

This Rheem oil furnace price list gives you complete pricing for the 2 models, the ROCA and ROLA. The ROCA is called a Hi-Boy which means it is housed in a upright cabinet that looks like most furnaces. The ROLA is a Low-Boy with a shorter, somewhat longer cabinet. Low-Boy models are often upflow only models so must be installed in a basement. Both of these are very efficient furnaces with 85.9% AFUE.

Rheem uses top components on these 2 furnaces. The burners are Beckett or Riello Carlin, the 2 top brands in the industry. The blowers are ECM models that use less electricity and offer powerful, variable-speed air circulation. Whether heating or working with a system central air conditioner, these furnaces will produce comfortable temperatures with fewer fluctuations than single-speed blowers produce. When cooling, they’ll remove more humidity as well, a big part of creating a comfortable indoor climate. Front cleanouts and extended vestibules allow for easier setup and regular maintenance of these Rheem oil furnaces.

Rheem Oil Furnace Price List

These models are very similar in pricing since their efficiency level is the same and the components are essentially identical. For other models to compare with these, see our oil furnace reviews of units from Ruud, Carrier, Lennox and others. Here’s a look at current oil furnace prices for these models.

Rheem ROCA High-Boy Oil Furnace

84,000 Btu Rheem ROCA Highboy oil furnace: $1,549

105,000 Btu Rheem ROCA Highboy oil furnace: $1,729

119,000 Btu Rheem ROCA Highboy oil furnace: $1,959

140,000 Btu Rheem ROCA Highboy oil furnace: $2,229

175,000 Btu Rheem ROCA Highboy oil furnace: $2,579

Rheem ROLA Low-Boy Oil Furnace

84,000 BTU Rheem ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: $1,449

105,000 BTU Rheem ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: $1,599

119,000 BTU Rheem ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: $1,729

140,000 BTU Rheem ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: $1,959

175,000 BTU Rheem ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: $2,339

Choosing your Rheem Oil Furnace

The ROCA is a multi-poise design which means it offers more installation options because the airflow can be up, down or horizontal. The ROLA is a upflow furnace. So, where you plan to place the unit is the biggest factor in what style to choose. When you get estimates, choose a qualified contractor with good experience to help you decide the right location.

If you’re putting together an entire HVAC system with an included central air conditioner, see our HVAC reviews for Rheem air conditioners that will be compatible with these furnaces. When you choose a Rheem oil furnace, you’ll get a high-quality furnace that will keep your home comfortable and your fuel bills reasonably low for many years to come.

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