Goodman Heat Pump Price List


This Goodman heat pump price list offers accurate pricing on every model in the lineup.  Consumers are discovering that Goodman is a brand definitely worth looking at.  The heat pumps are affordable and the top ones are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. You’ll find some features listed here, but for more details about specific models, see our heat pump reviews and ratings posts.  Goodman is gaining market share and these prices, along with our reviews, will help you evaluate whether a Goodman heat pump would be a good fit for your home.

Goodman keeps it simple in their lineup.  There are 5 different models offering a range of efficiency to meet the differing needs of consumers.  Here are the models and the prices.

18 SEER, 9.5 HSPF Goodman DSZC18 Heat Pump Price List

This is a communicating heat pump, compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet system that coordinates the functioning of the heat pump with the air handler to produce highest efficiency along with maximum indoor comfort. The list of impressive features includes the 2-stage, top-rated Copeland UltraTech compressor, pressure switches to protect the compressor, SmartShift short cycle protection, ComfortAlert Diagnostics, crankcase heater and the in-line filter dryer.  Here are the prices.

3 ton DSZC18 heat pump: $2,639

4 ton DSZC18 heat pump: $3,059

5 ton DSZC18 heat pump: $3,499

16 SEER, 9.5 HSPF Goodman DSZC16 Heat Pump Price List

This is the same heat pump as the DSZC18 except for that it is less efficient and somewhat more affordable.  It’s a good choice for those in moderate and warm climates.

2 ton DSZC16 heat pump: $1,849

3 ton DSZC16 heat pump: $2,379

4 ton DSZC16 heat pump: $2,699

5 ton DSZC16 heat pump: $3,229

16 SEER, 9.5 HSPF Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump Price List

This model is basically the same as the DSZC16 but it isn’t compatible with communicating technology.  Therefore, it costs less and may be a better value for you.

2 ton SSZ16 heat pump: $1,939

3 ton SSZ16 heat pump: $2,319

4 ton SSZ16 heat pump: $2,669

5 ton SSZ16 heat pump: $3,129

15 SEER, 9.0 HSPF Goodman SSZ14 Heat Pump Price List

This heat pump is built the same as the SSZ16 though less efficient and therefore more affordable.  It’s a good choice for those in moderate to warm climates.

2 ton SSZ14 heat pump: $1,559

3 ton SSZ14 heat pump: $1,849

4 ton SSZ14 heat pump: $2,209

5 ton SSZ14 heat pump: $2,389

13 SEER, 8.0 Goodman GSZ13 Heat Pump Price List

This is the only heat pump in the lineup that is NOT Energy Star rated.  It is primary used in part-time locations where lower cost is more important than efficiency.  It’s also popular with homeowners who plan to sell their current home in the near future and need a heat pump to get them through short-term.

2 ton GSZ13 heat pump: $1,289

3 ton GSZ13 heat pump: $1,449

4 ton GSZ13 heat pump: $1,609

5 ton GSZ13 heat pump: $1,889


The Goodman heat pump lineup offers attractive options.  With a good range of efficiency and performance features, there’s one to fit your needs. Browse our Goodman HVAC reviews for more information on the components you’re interested in learning more about as you consider the right heating and air conditioning system for your home.

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