Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2012


Our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2012 list is a good place to start your search for your next furnace.  For criteria, we focused on quality, reliability and value.  In other words, the oil furnace must be built with quality components that will give it a durability you can trust. The furnace must be a good value for the price as well.  see our oil furnace reviews of these models to get more details on the ones you are interested in.  They are part of our HVAC reviews that let you research system components as you decide which ones are right for your home. We list the best oil furnaces for 2012 by their efficiency. Energy Star qualifying models are noted.

Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2012

1. Bryant Preferred Model OVM Oil Furnace

86.6% Efficient: Energy Star

This is Bryant’s best oil furnace and one of the most efficient you can buy.  It will help you reduce fuel costs when replacing an older oil furnace, perhaps by as much as 25%.  The Bryant Preferred OVM furnace is equipped with a variable-speed blower which will optimize indoor comfort by evening out temperatures and preventing blasts of unheated air when the furnace first comes on.

Built with high-quality components, this is a furnace that should give you 20+ years of reliable service and minimal repairs. This is a multipoise model that makes it easy to install anywhere, for upflow, downflow or horizontal flow.

2. Carrier Performance Model OVL Oil Furnace

86.6% Efficient: Energy Star

This is another high-efficiency oil furnace you can count on to reduce fuel costs while keeping your home very comfortable throughout the heating season.  That makes the Carrier Performance OVL a cost-effective choice for homes in cold climates. You’ll pay more for the furnace than for less efficient Carrier models, but the cost savings will start paying you back immediately.

The ECM variable-speed motor reduces electricity use while the flue-silencing baffles reduce noise output.  This is also a 4-way multipoise furnace that offers plenty of installation options.

3. Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series Oil Furnace

85.9% Efficient: Energy Star

If you want to install an oil furnace in a crawl space with limited room, the Ruud ROLA Lowboy is a good choice.  It’s very energy-efficient and built of high-quality parts.  It uses top-rated Honeywell controls and features front-port cleanouts that make maintenance very easy, even in tight locations. This furnace offers sizes up to 175,000 Btu and the multipoise design doesn’t limit you to crawl spaces for installation.

4. Ruud ROCA Highboy Series Oil Furnace

85.9% Efficient: Energy Star

This shares many of the same components as the Ruud Lowboy furnace and demonstrates good quality and durability.  The Riello Carlin burner in this model is one of the top-rated burners in the industry.

This is a dual fuel compatible oil furnace.  That means you can install the Ruud ROCA Highboy as part of a split system with an electric heat pump.  Heat pumps are more energy-efficient in cool weather but don’t work well in very cold weather.  The options will allow you to save money on your heating bill throughout the season.

5. Carrier Performance VS 80 Model 58VMR Oil Furnace

83.5% Efficient

This Carrier Performance oil furnace is a very good value and is built with quality parts.  The efficiency level will help you control fuel costs too.  It’s equipped with a Riello burner and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger for outstanding durability. The controls and the variable-speed blower in the VS 80 model 58 VMR allow you to install a 2-stage air conditioner in a split system with this furnace for added comfort in warm months.

6. Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN Oil Furnace

83.5% Efficient

This is an affordable yet efficient oil furnace from an industry leader.  The multi-speed blower offers greater temperature balance throughout your home and the flue silencer reduces operating noise.  This furnace can be installed virtually anywhere, with Lowboy construction also available.

7. Dave Lennox Signature Collection Model Number 023V Oil Furnace

83% Efficient

This oil furnace is part of Lennox’s top line of HVAC components, the Signature Series.  It uses the top-rated Beckett Flame Retention burner with a rolled steel heat exchanger for maximum durability. The alumina-silica combustion box is also of the highest quality. Electricity use is reduced with the use of an efficient oil pump and ECM variable-speed blower.

8. Ducane Upflow Model Number RLUF80C Oil Furnace

83% Efficient

The heart of this quality oil furnace is the ceramic, sealed combustion box and the high-quality Beckett Flame Retention burner. This Ducane oil furnace also uses top-rated Honeywell controls for precise heating throughout your home. Large, easily accessed cleanout ports add convenience to the quality of this unit.

9. American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

82.7% Efficient

American Standard is yearly one of the top-rated brands in consumer reviews.  This oil furnace performs very well, though it isn’t as efficient as some of the others.  The American Standard Platinum XV offers a durable ceramic fiber combustion box, Comfort-R humidity reduction system when the furnace is used with a central air conditioner, and enhanced burner technology.  This furnace can be monitored and controlled with a smart phone.  You’ll save on heating costs when you turn the furnace down when you’re away and turn it back up on your way home.

10. Trane XP80 Oil Furnace

82.7% Efficient

As a brand with one of the top service records in the industry, Trane belongs on the list.  The Trane XP80 uses the Beckett burner that can be easily cleaned and adjusted while offering a very reliable flame quality for maximum efficiency. A 4-speed motor provides better indoor comfort than single-speed models. This is a durable oil furnace that should deliver 20 years or more of reliable performance.


Which of these oil furnaces is right for your home?  It depends on how much of a premium you’re willing to pay for higher efficiency.  If you intend to be in your current home for 7-10 years or longer, it will make sense to purchase the most efficient model you can afford.  Our oil furnace reviews will allow you to find the right HVAC equipment for your home.  This Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2012 list is a good place to begin your search for your next furnace.


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