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Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2012


In an effort to help you find the right HVAC equipment for your home, we put together this Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2012 list.  It gives you a starting point for researching models from the top manufacturers in the market.  You’ll find individual gas pack reviews on our site for these and many other gas package units, so you can learn more about those you are interested in.  All of our HVAC reviews and ratings are designed to allow you to compare models side by side in one place, saving you time and making it more convenient for you to find models that make sense for your home or building. We list these in order of Energy Efficiency.

Top Rated Gas Packs 2012

1. American Standard Platinum Series ZM Gas Pack

16.6 SEER; 80% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

American Standard has one of the best service records of any brand because their equipment is built with quality components. The Platinum Series is the top of the line and the Platinum ZM gas pack is one of the most efficient currently available. It heats with a standard gas furnace and cools with a condensing unit, as most gas packs do.

The 16.6 SEER air conditioning will significantly reduce utility bills when this model replaces one 12-15 years old.  It features a 2-stage Duration compressor, one of the highest-rated available. The Vortica variable-speed blower offers very precise temperature control with little fluctuation. You may see this gas model labeled as the American Standard 4YCZ6 Gas/Electric package unit. With its higher SEER, it makes sense for use where summer temperatures are quite warm.

2. Ruud Ultra Series 16 SEER RRRL SERIES 2 – 5 Ton Package Gas Electric Featuring R-410A Refrigerant

16 SEER; 80% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

Ruud gets overlooked at times, but this one shouldn’t be missed. It is efficient and well-built, with a durable scroll compressor driving the air conditioner. The furnace features a quality in-shot burner that promotes clean burning and energy efficiency. A tubular heat exchanger makes the most of the heat produced. With models from 2 tons to 5 tons, it is easy to find the right size unit for your needs.

3. Carrier Infinity Series Packaged HYBRID HEAT Dual Fuel System MODEL: 48XT

15 SEER; 8.0 HSPF; 81% Efficient: Energy Star

The Carrier Infinity Series is Carrier’s best and this is a very nice package unit.  It is a dual fuel model and contains a heat pump instead of a standard air conditioner.  This means that is can be used for heat when temperatures are cool but not bitterly cold. A 15 SEER heat pump offers significant energy costs savings over an 81% efficient furnace.  You’ll notice lower utility bills when you use the heat pump mode in cool weather. Then, when temperatures drop into the 30’s, where heat pumps are no longer effective, the gas furnace takes over.  Dual fuel heat pump package units are a good choice in any climate, especially those with cold winters.

The Carrier 48XT heat pump package unit is equipped with a 2-stage scroll compressor and a variable-speed blower which provides precise, comfortable temperatures throughout the year, with the aid of the top-rated Infinity controller. This unit features the Ideal Humidity system which provides better humidity control in hot weather, making your home more comfortable.

4. Trane XL14c Gas Pack

14.5 SEER; 80% Efficient: Energy Star

Trane has a reputation for quality and performance and this package unit demonstrates it.  The XL14c package unit is not as efficient as other models, but it costs less too.  For a more efficient Trane gas/electric unit, see the Trane XL16c gas pack.

For indoor comfort, this one is equipped with a variable-speed blower that creates more balanced temperatures during both heating and air conditioning modes.  The 2-stage burner also helps to alleviate temperature fluctuations and it runs more quietly. The Trane XL14c is available in whole-ton and some half-ton sizes from 2-5 tons.

5. York Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems Affinity Gas/Electric Model DNX

13 SEER; 80% Efficient

We’ve included the York DNX package unit on the list because it offers good value to those who don’t need high efficiency.  It is very affordable but also built with quality parts and materials.  The single-stage, single-speed performance saves money and still provides a comfortable home climate.  This is also a compact unit, suitable for installation on the ground or on the roof where a small footprint is required.  The York Affinity DNX package unit is a good choice for mild climates that don’t experience temperature extremes in winter or summer. It is also popular for installation in vacation homes and other part-time use situations where lower equipment cost is more important than high efficiency.


These are the best package units on the market currently.  Which one is right for your home?  That depends on the efficiency needs.  If you are willing to pay a bit more for a heat pump package unit, you might appreciate having the heating option of electric or gas.

You’ll find more details, including pricing information, in our individual reviews of these models and many others.  This Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2012 offers units that will do a good job heating and cooling your home or small commercial building.


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