Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2012


The models that made this Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2012 list offer superior quality and outstanding durability.  Those are the chief characteristics that put them on our list.  We didn’t focus on efficiency because consumers have different needs in this category.  While those in northern climates will get their money’s worth from a high-efficiency gas furnace, those in moderate and warm climates might find a less efficient furnace is more cost-effective.  And some who plan to sell their homes in the next 5 years won’t want to pay for a high-efficiency furnace they won’t get their money out of.

For these reasons, you will find a range of efficiency levels on this list of the best gas furnaces for 2012. It starts with the most efficient and goes down from there, helping you find the one that makes sense for your climate, budget and long-term plans.

Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2012

1. Carrier Infinity 96 Gas Furnace

96.6% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

This is the most energy-efficient furnace on our list.  It will help you reduce heating costs by up to 35% when it replaces an older gas furnace.  This 2-stage furnace with a variable-speed blower will keep your home comfortable all winter. The energy efficiency of the Carrier Infinity 96 makes it very popular with those who want green technology for their home.

2. American Standard Platinum ZV Furnace Freedom 95 Comfort-R Variable-Speed, Modulating Communicating Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

American Standard has the highest-rated lineup in the industry and this is one of their best models. The Platinum ZV is also a modulating furnace, running between 40% and 100% of capacity, that offers a more comfortable home including reduced humidity when in cooling mode.

This is a top choice for enthusiasts of green technology because of its high efficiency but also because the TAM telephone Access Module option allows you to monitor and control it from your cell phone. You can turn it down when you leave home and only turn it up in time to make your home warm when you get there, reducing wasted heat.

3. Bryant Evolution Series 95S with PerfectSense Model 335CAV Gas Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

This model is part of a new generation of modulating gas furnaces that are offering the most precise indoor climate control currently available. The Bryant 95S PerfectSense features a modulating gas valve that matches the need for heat at the moment. It employs lower-capacity, longer cycles to produce more balanced temperatures throughout your home.  It is aided by a variable-speed blower to maximize comfort while reducing temperature fluctuations and hot spots.

The Bryant Evolution 95S model 335CAV maximizes efficiency with dual heat exchangers and has a fan-on mode that increases air filtration and helps reduce humidity when working with a central AC in the summer.

4. Rheem Prestige Series Communicating Modulating Upflow Equipped with the Comfort Control System and Contour Comfort Control RGFE Gas Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

Rheem is a top 5 brand in consumer ratings even if it doesn’t get the press of Carrier, Trane or Lennox.  The Rheem Prestige RGFE furnace certainly enhances their reputation in the industry.  This is a modulating furnace with a slow-opening gas valve and variable-speed blower that eliminates blasts of cold air at the beginning of the cycle and helps maintain temperature balance throughout your home.

5. Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

This isn’t Lennox’s most efficient model.  The modulating Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V is.  But we think this is the best all-around furnace Lennox makes.  The Lennox G61V furnace is efficient, durable and reasonably-priced.  It uses a 2-stage burner with a variable-speed blower which is enough to give you outstanding control of your home’s comfort level. The Duralok heat exchangers are among the top-rated in the industry.

6. Amana AMVC95 95% AFUE Gas Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

Amana does very well in consumer ratings of gas furnaces and the AMVC95 gas furnace is the brand’s top of the line. It is a 2-stage furnace with a variable-speed blower. The Million-Air heat exchanger is the most durable there is, made from stainless steel and rated to handle one million cycles.

7. Trane XR95 Gas Furnace

95% Efficient: Energy Star Rated

There are many very good Trane gas furnaces to choose from, some with more features than this one has.  The Trane XR95 furnace made the list because it is the most efficient single-stage model on the market.  This is a good choice for those who value high-efficiency and lower utility bills but who don’t need the performance of a two-stage furnace.  The tradeoff is a lower price and outstanding value.

8. Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace, a.k.a. Carrier Comfort 58MXB Furnace

92% Efficiency: Energy Star Rated

Carrier makes a range of very good gas furnaces and so placing a second furnace on this list is no surprise.  The 2-stage Carrier Comfort 58MXB gas furnace combines good efficiency, a lower price point, and a quality build. A 2-stage burner and a single-speed fan offer good comfort, but not top of the line.  It is backed by the same excellent warranty that Carrier Infinity furnaces are covered by.

9. American Standard Silver SI 90 Furnace

80% Efficient: Not Energy Star Rated

High efficiency furnaces are not the most cost-effective choices for homeowners in warmer climates, though they may choose them for their green technology.  The Silver SI 90 from American Standard offers quality components and excellent durability at a lower price point.  Single-stage heating is combined with a multi-speed blower to provide good comfort control at an affordable price.

10. Payne PG8MEA Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE

80% Efficient: Not Energy Star Rated

The Payne PG8MEA offers bare bones quality.  It’s a single-stage, single-speed furnace with excellent durability.  You can rely on it to provide basic heat when you need it, and the cost is very affordable. It’s a good choice in warm climates and is also popular for installation in vacation homes, cabins and workshops where a high-efficiency furnace isn’t needed because use is limited.


Which of these furnaces on our Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2012 makes the most sense for your home?  If you want premium comfort and are willing to pay for it, a modulating furnace is very nice. If you want efficiency without the higher cost of modulating performance, you’ve got choices too.  For homeowners in warmer climates, or those looking for a part-time furnace, there are 80% efficient choices to meet your needs.  This list of the best gas furnaces for 2012 is a good place to start your search. See our gas furnace reviews for individual HVAC reviews of these furnaces, and many more.


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