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Trane Single-Stage XR80 Gas Furnace Review


The Trane XR80 gas furnace is a bare bones model designed to save you money on equipment costs.  It’s a single-stage furnace with a 4-speed model that is fine for milder climates but isn’t suited to cooler climates where higher efficiency is essential.   The 4-speed blower doesn’t offer the same comfort level as a variable-speed model, but it does come on more quietly and doesn’t push unheated air into your home at the beginning of the cycle. This Trane Single-Stage XR80 gas furnace review will help you decide whether or not this is a model you want to consider.  See our HVAC reviews for comparable models to check out.  See especially the Lennox Merit series, York Latitude, Carrier Base, Goodman GHS8 or GMS8, or the Rheem Value series.

Top Features of the Single-Stage XR80

  • 80% efficient; Not Energy Star rated.
  • Single-stage burner, 4-speed blower.
  • Heavy-gauge steel, insulated cabinet for quieter operation and less heat loss.
  • In-shot burners increase dependability and are easy to clean.
  • Reliable hot surface igniter.
  • Upflow models can be converted to right or left horizontal operation.
  • Downflow models available.
  • One-piece aluminized heat exchanger.
  • Sizes from 32,000 to 111,000 Btu output.

Trane Single-Stage XR80 Gas Furnace Prices

This is an affordable furnace and it is made in more sizes than any other Trane model.  If you want to save money on a furnace and don’t need high efficiency or precise climate control, this furnace is worth a look.  It’s not cheap but it is inexpensive.  Here are gas furnace prices for you to compare.

32,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $779

47,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $859

64,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $969

80,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $1,059

96,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $1,159

111,000 Btu Trane XR80 furnace: $1,239

XR80 Single Stage Furnace Warranty

As a value-priced model, this one has a warranty that is shorter than most.  This is partly because Trane doesn’t use their top components in it and partly because a shorter warranty allows them to offer this furnace at a lower price.  The warranty covers the heat exchanger for 20 years and all other parts for 5 years.  If the heat exchanger in this furnace fails after even 12-15 years, your money might be better spent on a new furnace.  This one is designed to last from 15-20 years with good maintenance.

Professional Installation and Maintenance Increases Longevity

This is a solid furnace for those who want to save money.  It is also popular as a furnace for a workshop, a cottage, or other location where it won’t be used heavily.  When it is properly installed and given regular maintenance, there’s no reason it shouldn’t provide dependable service for at least 15 years.  Hire a qualified contractor to install the Trane XR80 gas furnace and you’ll get your money’s worth – or maybe even more.

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