Lennox Heat Pump Price List


This Lennox heat pump price list covers every model currently made – and Lennox offers a very complete collection.  There’s a heat pump for every situation, from high-efficiency, high-performance models that will keep your home very comfortable and your utility bills very low, to standard-efficiency models that deliver basic heating and cooling at affordable prices.  This heat pump price guide covers each Lennox series and model. You can see in-depth reviews of many of these models in our HVAC reviews section.

Dave Lennox Signature Series Heat Pump Price List

The Signature Series is Lennox’s best.  The 2 heat pumps are efficient, 2-stage models that work especially well with a variable-speed blower.  Both are equipped with SunSource wiring to accept PV solar modules that can supply enough energy to run the entire HVAC system.  Here are the features and heat pump prices for the Lennox Signature Series heat pumps:

  • Lennox Signature Series XP21: 19 SEER/9.5 HSPF.
  • Lennox Signature Series XP17: 17.7 SEER/9.5 HSPF.
  • Both are Energy Star qualified.
  • 2-stage compressors for maximum indoor comfort.
  • Dual Fuel: Both heat pumps can be used in a split system with a gas furnace.
  • iComfort enabled: Can use the precise iComfort Touchscreen thermostat.
  • Wired for Humiditrol advanced dehumidifiers.
  • Top rated in many heat pump reviews.
  • 10-year parts limited warranty.

Lennox Signature Series XP21 Heat Pump Price List

2 ton Lennox XP21 heat pump: $2,449

3 ton Lennox XP21 heat pump: $2,769

4 ton Lennox XP21 heat pump: $2,959

5 ton Lennox XP21 heat pump: $3,249

Lennox Signature Series XP17 Heat Pump Price List

2 ton Lennox XP 17 heat pump: $2,179

3 ton Lennox XP17 heat pump: $2,399

4 ton Lennox XP17 heat pump: $2,659

5 ton Lennox XP17 heat pump: $2,969

Lennox Elite Series Heat Pump Price List

Lennox’s second-best line is very good, too.  It’s less efficient but still offers Energy Star performance in 2 models and comfortable heating and cooling.  The models and features are:

  • Lennox Elite XP16: 16.5 SEER/9.5 HSP
  • Lennox Elite XP14: 16 SEER/9.5 HSPF
  • Lennox Elite XP13: 14.5 SEER/8.7 HSPF
  • 2-stage compressor on XP16
  • All are Energy Star qualified.
  • Dual Fuel capability on some models.
  • Direct-drive fan is quiet and energy-efficient.
  • 10-year compressor warranty; 5-year parts warranty.

Lennox Elite Series XP16 Heat Pump Price List

2 ton Lennox XP16 heat pump: $1,689

3 ton Lennox XP16 heat pump: $1,989

4 ton Lennox XP16 heat pump: $2,219

5 ton Lennox XP16 heat pump: $2,359

Lennox Elite Series XP14 Heat Pump Price List

2 ton Lennox XP14 heat pump: $1,539

3 ton Lennox XP14 heat pump: $1,799

4 ton Lennox XP14heat pump: $1,949

5 ton Lennox XP14 heat pump: $2,119

Lennox Elite Series XP13 Heat Pump Price List

2 ton Lennox XP13 heat pump: $1,389

3 ton Lennox XP13 heat pump: $1,589

4 ton Lennox XP13 heat pump: $1,749

5 ton Lennox XP13 heat pump: $1,859

Lennox Merit Series Heat Pump Price List

Built for affordable reliability, these heat pumps cut your equipment costs and do a decent job heating and cooling.  They work well in milder climates due to their lower efficiency levels.  They are also popular for part-time use applications (vacation homes, cottages, workshops) due to their lower cost.  Here’s the lineup and features:

  • Lennox Merit 14HPX: 14 SEER/7.7 HSPF; Energy Star qualified.
  • Lennox Merit 13HPX: 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF
  • Single-stage scroll compressor.
  • Quiet, efficient direct-drive fan.
  • 5-year parts limited warranty.

Lennox Merit Series 14HPX Heat Pump Price List

2 ton 14HPX heat pump: $1,399

3 ton 14HPX heat pump: $1,499

4 ton 14HPX heat pump: $1,679

5 ton 14HPX heat pump: $1,779

Lennox Merit Series 13HPX Heat Pump Price List

2 ton 13HPX heat pump: $1,299

3 ton 13HPX heat pump: $1,399

4 ton 13HPX heat pump: $1,569

5 ton 13HPX heat pump: $1,659


Choosing the right heat pump for your home includes matching the model to your need for efficiency, your desire for single-stage or 2-stage performance, and the amount of money you want to spend.  Lennox offers one of the most complete lines of heat pumps so you can find a very good fit for your home.  Whichever model you choose, have it installed by a qualified contractor and you’ll get the best long-term efficiency and service from your Lennox heat pump.



3 Responses to “Lennox Heat Pump Price List”
  1. Del Flesh says:

    We were/are considering purchasing a LENNOX xp17 with a cbx40uh and h16 filter, it was suggested by the instahler that we would be able have it in stalled for under $10,000.00, when the bid arrived at over $12000.00 ..

  2. Mark says:


    It sounds to me like you need to get a few more quotes. Have you seen quotes from multiple companies on the same model? Are you confident that this installer will do a good job? Installation is key, but usually there is a happy medium with price and quality of install out there.

  3. joyce says:

    hey we had a xp17 lennox heat pump installed last week. we had no indoor unit or duct work. all we had was a crawl space under the house about 3-4 foot. they spent 4 days under the house installing the duct work and one day installing everyting else. our house is 210 years old and price had caused us to wait. we installed the solar unit without the solar panel cost of the solar panel they told us was 3000.00 dollars so we have to wait for that. the total cost for our install was 9500.00 with a 1200.00 dollar rebate and a pretty good tax write off. over the years we called several companies, one came out and never gave us a estimate, one never showed up. we feel lucky we got a great heat pump and a amazing install for the metal pipes. hope that may help you

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