Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace Review


The Carrier Comfort 92 furnace combines a lower cost with very good efficiency.  It would be a good choice for homeowners in cooler climates that want lower energy bills but don’t want to pay more for high-performance features.  With 92% efficiency, it will lower utility bills in many homes when it replaces a furnace 15-25 years old.  The 2-stage burner offers quieter operation when maintaining temperature in your home, switching to high in order to boost temps when needed.  It’s supported by a single-speed blower motor. The QuieTech feature anticipates the need for heat and starts the cycle before a noticeable fluctuation in temperature can occur.  This Carrier Comfort 92 gas furnace review looks at all the top features of this model.  Take a look at our HVAC reviews in order to compare it with others you’re interested in.

Top Features of the Comfort 92 Gas Furnace

  • 92% to 95% efficient depending on size; Energy Star qualified.
  • 2-stage burner; single-speed blower.
  • Uses standard thermostat or humidity controlling Thermidistat.
  • Serpentuff polypropylene-coated heat exchanger for efficiency and durability.
  • High filtration air cabinet for cleaner air.
  • Sizes from 60,000 to 120,000 Btu.
  • Known as the Carrier Comfort 58MXB gas furnace.

Comfort 92 Gas Furnace Prices

This is one of Carrier’s best values—a mid-level furnace at a very good price.  This is a versatile furnace that works well in all climates.  If you don’t need the precision climate control of a variable-speed furnace, and would rather have the cost savings, this one is worth a look. These gas furnace prices will allow you to compare this furnace with others we review on this site, making it easier for you to evaluate which furnaces might the a good choice for your home.

60,000 Btu Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $959

80,000 Btu Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $1,159

100,000 Btu Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $1,379

120,000 Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $1,559

Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace Warranty

This furnace is backed by Carrier’s best warranty.  The heat exchanger has a lifetime limited warranty; the parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.  This coverage is better than the industry average.

Get your Money’s Worth from the Comfort 92

To enjoy peak efficiency during every heating season, have a furnace professional install your Carrier Performance 92 and have it cleaned and maintained every 1-2 years. All Carrier dealers go through extensive training to ensure quality installation. The furnace will maintain the 92% efficiency you expect and will help you keep your utility bills under control.  It will be less prone to mechanical failure as well.  So have a qualified contractor install the Carrier Performance 92 and you’ll get outstanding service from it in the next 20+ years.


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